Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Hairstyles: Gingerbread Man

So you may think that every hairstyle turns out well and that we never have any complete disasters... well, this post will prove otherwise!  I just had to share this one because I had an idea in my head for this darling gingerbread man and it ended up looking like a hot mess on my poor daughter's head!  :)
These are the supplies that we used - not that you will need to remember them because this hairstyle was a FAILURE.
I'm not even going to try to type instructions because it is apparent that what I was doing did not work.  ha ha!  Just enjoy the pictures and get a good laugh in for the day.
This is supposed to show the side of the head, an arm, and a leg but I would be amazed if you could pick that out!
You can see where I attempted to create a head on top but it looks nothing like a head! 
Another view of the disaster.
Maybe we'll attempt this again next year but I will have to have a seriously different approach to the whole thing because this one failed big time.  :)  Have a great day and remember *DO NOT ATTEMPT*  ha ha!


Jill said...

Not a total disaster, I can see where you were going with it :) I bet it would work out if you tried again.

Julie said...

ha ha, thanks for the vote of confidence Jill! :)

Leo5 said...

I bet it would work out if you tried again.hahaha, thanks for the vote

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