Friday, July 29, 2011

Flashback Friday: Pinkalicious Hair

This is our final Flashbck Friday post.  :)  It has been fun and hopefully you've enjoyed them as well!
My princess insisted that we include this post in our blog because it's one of her favorite pictures EVER!  :)
  Her school had a special day where the kids got to dress up as their favorite story book character and my princess chose Pinkalicious.  (Along with several other little girls at the school!)  Because this is a hair blog I will tell you that we created two side piggies and then used the waver to give them some dimension.  Pretty simple to get a Pinkalicious hairstyle!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We use these all the time but I've never down an official post on these overnight curlers.  They are called Curlformers and their link is here. 
They are really fast to put in and they don't create the tight curls that the small pink sponge curlers do.  My princess think that the larger curls are more "grown up".  :)  I start right after she's had a shower or bath so that the hair is completely wet.
  I style the hair the way I want first and then I put the curlers in. 
 You can either have your princess sleep in the curlers overnight or just keep them in for about 3 hours to dry.  
 They hair was styled before you put the curlers in so you don't have to worry about ruining your curls. 
Our style here was a simple Pull-Through on the top of the head and then I pulled half of the hair up in the back.  I made sure not to include that Pull-Through in my half-up hair because I wanted the curls hanging down.
The end result are beautiful, soft curls that will last the whole day through! 
 I've only been able to find these at Sally's but I've also heard that they have a knock-off brand on Ebay.  :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

3-Tiered Braid

Here is a very simple style that can be down in less than 5 minutes for those mornings where you have to get right out the door. 
Start by pulling the hair half up and securing it with an elastic. 
 Now go ahead and make a 3-Strand Braid out of the ponytail but make sure to only plate it 3 times. 
 Now add in another bit of hair to the two outside strands of the braid and plate it another 3 times. 
Finally you will want to add in the last remaining hair to the two outside strand of the braid and then plate the hair all the way to the bottom and secure it with an elastic.  It is a form of a French Braid but it is not meant to be tight.  It should have a bit of a loose look. 
Pretty easy huh!
(You may also notice that my princess has earrings now!  She's very excited about it!)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Flashback Friday: French Twist Connection

This hairstyle will be easiest if you first straighten all of the hair.  (Your princess may already have straight hair but my princess needs some help to get her completely straight.)  You can curl the ends too if you like.  
 Grab the middle-bang section from the front of the head and begin twisting it.  Each time you wrap the twist, gather in some new hair and twist again.  Continue gathering hair until you get to the ear and then finish twisting without adding anything in.  Have your princess hold that twist while you move over to the other side of the head and create another small French Twist - ending the addition of any new hair into it once you get to the ear. 
 Twist the remaining hair on that side as well and then combine your two twist together on top of the head with an elastic.  Add a flower clip to hide the elastic and the hairstyle is complete.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bottom Braids & Bun

This is more of a formal hairstyle but we just used it for church one day. 
 Begin with dry hair and choose your favorite headband and place it in the hair.  (The headband is optional - the hairstyle will work fine without it as well.)  Pull a section of hair out in front of the headband right by each ear. 
 Now part out a 2 inch bit of hair all the way around the base of the scalp, from ear to ear.  Throw all of the hair above the part up into a clip to temporarily keep it out of the way. 
 Now begin next to the ear on the right side of the head and create a French Braid along the base of the hairline.  Your French Braid should be plated right over the top of the headband to help hold it in place.  Once you've created your French Braid all the way to the nape of the neck, finish plating it as just a regular 3-Strand Braid.
  Repeat the same steps over on the left side of the head.  Now you should have 2 small braids right by the nape of the neck. 
Take the clip out of the hair on top and comb it all straight back.  Divide it in half and create a low 3-Strand Braid out of each half.  You should now have 4 braids by the neck, two smaller and tow larger. 
In no particular order, start wrapping the braids around themselves and bobby pinning them as you go. 
 Make sure you tuck the ends of your braids under the bun and pin them into place.  Once your entire bun has been created you will want to spray it with hairspray for a good hold. 
 You can be finished at this point or you can add some small flower pins like we have done here. 
 We got lots of compliments on the style and it also created some beautiful waves in her hair for the next day!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Securing A Stretch Band

My princess loves wearing the stretch headbands but I've always hated them because I can never get them to stay in place.  After a few trials and errors we finally found our solution. 
I usually start by creating a small, off-centered part in the bangs and I brush them towards the ears. 
I then pull a bit of hair next to each ear forward before placing the headband on the head. 
 Get your headband in place and then pull the two pieced of hair over the band and secure it with another small piece of hair behind the elastic.  Use a small elastic to join the two pieces on each side. 
 Now lift all the hair up and pull a small section of hair out from underneath the band right at the nape of the neck.  Pull it over the band and secure it with s bit of hair under the band with an elastic.  Once these three elastics are in place, the band will not go anywhere! 
You can leave it like this or finish of the hair however you like. 
We've done a Corkscrew next to each ear that we joined in the back of the head with an elastic. 
I straightened the rest of her hair and then added a flower clip to hide the elastic.  Her hair looked as good at the end of the day as it did at the start!  Hope this tip helps!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Flashback Friday: Pull-Through Rolls

I wish I had gotten a closer picture of this hairstyle but I had no idea I would ever be sharing it with anyone so I was a little ill-prepared. 
 Start by parting the hair down the middle and separating it into two halved.  Pull each side up into a piggie and create an Inverted Pull-Through out of each.  (This is done by poking your Topsy tail up wards behind the piggie instead of downwards.)  Once the hair is flipped through, you can roll the ends down over themselves and pin them into place.   This will give you a little roll sitting on top of your Inverted Pull-Through. 
 My princess was running around the party all night long so the ends slowly started to come undone but it almost looked better this way - a bit of a disheveled look! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Switchback

This hairstyle is super easy but looks like you put a lot of time and effort into it.  (The best kind of hairstyles!)  Start with dry hair and make sure you have a bunch of bobby pins handy. 
Brush all of the hair straight and grab the top bit of hair from ear to ear.  (I've also made a small off-centered part on the top of the head.) 
  Pull it a bit more to the left than to the right and place bobby pins in an "x" pattern directly in the middle of the head to hold that hair flat.  (I used about 4 bobby pins.)  Now roll the hair to the right over the top of the bobby pins and secure that twist in place with more bobby pins. 
Grab some new hair from each side - under the previous hair - and add the previous hair in with that.  This time you will want to pull it all slightly more to the right and get your "x" bobby pins in place right in the middle of the head.  Now twist the hair to the left over the top of the new bobby pins and secure that twist in place with more pins.
  Continue grabbing new hair and alternating your left and right twisting until you get to the nape of the neck where you will secure it all into low ponytail. 
Go ahead and add some curl to the ponytail and you're finished!  The is a fast one that we're going to add to our favorites!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Basket Braids

Here is a different idea on an old favorite.  We love doing weaving of any type in the hair so we decided to  give it a try with braids.  This one does take a bit of time so make sure you have plenty set aside.  Start by creating an off-centered part in the bang line. 
 Create two more parallel parts on both sides of the part so that you now have two long sections.  Divide each of those sections into 5 equal pieces of hair and create a 3-Strand Braid out of each piece.  You should now have 10 small 3-Strand Braids.  Now go ahead and section out a -inch hick section of hair from the part right down to the ear on each side.  (Create this part parallel to the bang line.)  Those two new sections of hair can be divided.   Make 4 equal sections on the large side of the part and 3 equal sections on the smaller side.  Braid each of those sections into 3-Strand Braids.  You should now have 7 new 3-Strand Braids along the bang line.  Take the very front braid from the smaller part and include it in with the 3 braids on the bang-line of the smaller side of hair so that you now have 4 braids along each side of bang-line. 
Grab the two bang-line braids that are closest to the part (on either side) and bring them to the back of the head where you will join them with an elastic.  Now grab the next bang-line braid on each side and pull those to the back of the head.  You will combine those with an elastic as well but also make sure to include the hair from the braid combination above it.  Do the same thing with the last two braids on the bang line so that they all eventually meet up in the back of the head and you should have 4 elastics in a row in the back of the head. 
 Start with one side of the part and grab the braid nearest to the front of the head.  Pull the braid through a Topsy-Tail and feed it with an in-and-out motion straight down through the braids that you pulled back.  When you reach the last braid you will actually feed your Topsy-Tail through the plates of the braid to hold it in place.  Unplate any remaining braid from the one you just used to weave.  Move to the next braid on that same side and weave that one as well, just be sure to alternate your in-and-out pattern. 
 Do that with the rest of the braids on that side of the head and then move to the opposite side of the head and repeat the same steps. 
REMEMBER to pull the braid right through the plating on the bottom braid to hold it in place. 
 We finished off her hair by using the Conair Spiral Curling Iron and adding some curls. 
We individually curled each of the woven braids for a fuller look.  Our final step was to add some hair bows over the elastics in the back of the head.  

Friday, July 8, 2011

Flashback Friday: Toddler French Braids

When my princess was very little and hardly had hair, we used to do fake French Braids with elastics (Puffy Braids) but once she finally had enough hair, we were doing French Braids all the time. 
We would start by curling her bangs forward and then dividing the rest of the hair in half to create two separate braids.   
We secured the bottom of the two braids together with an elastic and then placed a bow over the elastic to hide it.  We happened to be at the Alpine Slides in Park City, UT at this particular time and my princess was a little scared - to say the least - but at least I got a picture of her hair!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

American Flag

I saw this hairstyle over at Babes in Hairland and I've got to give a shout out to her because she is AMAZING!  My princess fell in love with this style and wanted to wear it on the 4th of July so this is our version it.
I started by parting the hair from ear to ear so that I had a section in front.  I divided that section into two off-centered pieces - the larger piece being on the left side.  I secured that larger piece into an elastic. 
 I then created a part straight down the middle of the remaining hair.  I started with the right side of the part and divided it into 4 parallel, horizontal sections and I secured each section with an elastic.  I moved over to the left side of the part and did the same thing but I made sure to offset my horizontal sections from those on the right side so that they were not exactly even.  You should now have 4 elastics on the right side of the head and 5 elastics on the left side of the head.  (The extra elastic being from the first ponytail up in front.) 
 Feed some red ribbon through all of the elastic on the left side and some white ribbon through all of the elastics on the right side.  Make sure that the ribbon is through the elastic right at the middle point so that two equal strand of ribbon are hanging from each ponytail. 
You also want to make sure that the ribbon is the same length as the ponytail. 
 Now you will create a Quad Braid out of each ponytail by dividing the hair into two pieces and using the two ribbons and your 3rd and 4th pieces.  (Make sure you start braiding with the two ribbons between your center fingers so that they end up in the right place as you plate the braid.)  Secure each braid at the bottom with an elastic. 
 When all 9 braids are done you will cross them over to the opposite side of the head so that the reds and whites are alternating. 
You can either bobby pin them in place at this time or combine each side into an elastic which is what we've done here because my princess has pretty long hair. 
 Add a blue hair clip over the front left elastic to finish off the look of your flag. 
Very fun!