Friday, May 21, 2010

Second Day Curls

Whenever you so braids on wet hair, you always end up with beautiful wave/curls when you take the braids out. It's always fun to show off those curls and have a simple second day hairstyle. (Tip: Have your daughter sleep in the braids until the morning you want to use the curls. My daughter didn't do that and that's why the hair looks slightly frizzy.)We just pulled her hair half up and did a Wrap Around Pony. The rest of the hair just flowed down and it was very pretty. This hair style took us less than 2 minutes and those are great mornings!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

French Twist Into a Messy Bun

This style works best if the hair is completely wet. Start your French Twist anywhere along the bang line. Take the twist all the way to the opposite ear. With the remaining hair, do another small french twist to the same ear. Combine all the hair into a Messy Bun and doll it up with your favorite clip. Spritz it with a little hair spray and this style will go all day long!

Inverted Ponytail Crown

This one looks a bit complicated but all you need to know is a how to french braid. Section out a circle in the middle of the hair to make a ponytail. There should be hair still down all along the perimeter of the hairline. Start your french braid anywhere you like and collect the top portion of your braid using pieces of hair from the ponytail. Continue the braid all the way around the head until you have a crown. I braided the excess hair and wrapped it around the top of her head, tucking it in and pinning it at the ends. I placed the two flower clips over the bobby pins to give it a clean look.
See! Not so hard huh!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Criss Cross Applesauce

Do you ever get bored with the usual straight Puffy Braids? Here's a little spin you can put on them for a different look. Start your top two elastics like you would in a normal Puffy Braid. Remember to evenly section the hair as you work your way down. Instead of going straight down with the hair, criss cross the strand to make an "X".

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Corn Rows

Corn Rows are a bunch of lined French Braids. They are a bit time consuming but they last more than one day which is great! The most important part of Corn Rows is making sure your parts are even. We decided not to do her whole head because we were running out of time so we combined the rest of the hair into a ponytail. We added some little claw clips for color. She was able to wear this style for 3 days and we just changed her claw clips to match whatever she was wearing. She had some beautiful waves when we took it all out!

Flat Iron Curls

My princess had her spring pictures the other day at school and she wanted to wear her hair down. We decided to do a quick band of Pull-Throughs on top just to keep the hair out of her face. They were a bit loose by the end of the day but they looked great in the beginning. In the back we did some quick flat iron curls so that her hair would look natural and not too tight. These pictures were taken after school and her hair held together pretty well considering that it was P.E. day.

Curled Corkscrews

Start with a single ponytail and separate it into 3 sections. Each section is going to be made into it's own Corkscrew. You can either leave your Corkscrews hanging straight or fold them up into the ponytail elastic like I've done. Curl the ends down and you have a pretty little updo.

Double Twists

This one is very easy and fast! Simply separate the hair into two sides and twist down each side, starting at the top of the head. I chose to have my two side off-centered but you can do it however you like. Wrap all the hair into an elastic at the nape of the neck and then finish twisting the two separate sections of hair to the bottom. Combine the bottom of the twists with another elastic and you have it!

Twists Into Heidi Braids

We were late to a dance performance so we had to come up with a fast easy style that would hold. We started with a Pull-Through on top and separated into two Corkscrews. Part the hair into to separate sides and add the Corkscrews to each side. I combined one of the sides into an elastic and then repeated on the other side. I call the braids "Heidi Braids" because they remind me of Heidi of the Alps. These pictures were taken after her performance so you can see that the style held up pretty well.

Criss Cross Ribbon Band

For Easter we wanted to try something fun that I'd seen on other little girls. We grabbed some ribbon that matched her dress and then tied in into a band on top of her head. Ribbons always slip around so criss-crossing the hair over it like this really holds it in place. The princess got lots of nice compliments from people at church and she said this picture had to go on her new blog. :)

Pull-Through Updo

This hairstyle happened by accident one morning while getting ready for school. I used the 90's "Topsy Tail" (which I'm so glad I never threw out!) and only pulled her ponytail half way through. I took the remaining hairs that were sticking up and tucked them back down into the twist and bobby pinned them. It made this really cool updo that was super strong. We added a headband on top but it also would've been cute with a flower or ribbon in the middle of it. The best part about this hairstyle was that it took less than 2 minutes to do!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Crossed Hawser Braids

A Hawser Braid is one of my favorites. The princess wanted her hair up off of her back on this particular day so I thought I'd play around with a couple of Hawser Braids. First I used a Zig Zag Part and then I made two Hawsers on the sides of her head. I crossed them around the back of the head and then joined them with some bobby pins. I flipped the ends out and added a couple small bows for a fun look.
(You probably recognize this one from the blog title!) :)

Hawaiian Hair

It was Hawaiian Day at school a couple weeks ago and we had to come up with the perfect hairstyle. Every time I think of hula dancers I picture flowers in their hair. We found the perfect flower, whipped her hair into a fast Side Pony and she was all set for her fun day.

Kitty Cat Ears

My princess loves to make-believe. She came up to me the other day and said that she wanted kitty cat ears. I'm sure she meant just the costume ears but I thought it would be fun to experiment with her hair. It's amazing what a couple pipe cleaners can do! We just attached the pipe cleaners to her elastics, braided around them and bent them into shape. She wore them all day long and had a ball.

Square Knots Into Corkscrews

I absolutely love doing Square Knots in my princesses hair. I love the effect that it gives and they're so simple and fast. Here we've sectioned off her hair and done of row of knots right down the middle of her head. (Don't mind the crooked parts.) I separated each knot into two pieces and fed those pieces into her ponytails.The ponytails are each made up of three Corkscrew Twists with flip-up ends. It's fun to do this with wet hair and then see what the twists look like the next day when you take them out.

Ribbon Accent

We love to add ribbon whenever we have the time. You can see that we just folded the ribbon into her elastic on her Pull Through and then incorporated them into her braids. We did an Uneven Braid and used the ribbon as one of the 3 strands. We made sure that the ribbon strand of her braid was facing front instead of hiding behind the braid.

Woven Pull-Throughs

The picture is actually meant to show the Pull-Throughs on top of her head, but you can enjoy the glamorous corn teeth as well. :)

Field Day Hair

The Princess wanted her hair to be pulled back for Field Day. She's got Puffy Braids on top leading down to Braid Loops on the bottom. The hair held up great and lasted through the whole day.