Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Braid Woven Beanie

This one is really simple.  Begin by dividing the hair right down the middle.  Grab a small section of hair from the front of each side and braid it. 
Now go ahead and pull the rest of the hair into a low braid on each half.  Keep the two small front braid out and slip a woven beanie over the hair.  Now pull your two low braids through holes in the back of your beanie. 
Move back up to the top and thread one of your braids through a Topsy Tail. 
 Now weave that Topsy Tail in and out of the edge of your beanie. 
When you get down to the bottom you can secure it in place with a bobby pin that will be hidden under the beanie. 
 Move over to the opposite side and repeat the same steps. 
 You can add a flower clip on the front of the beanie to finish it off.  It gives a fun new look to wearing a beanie!

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Uneven Quad

Here is one that's really fast and easy but looks just a bit different than the original. 
 Pull all of the hair back into a tight ponytail and divide it into 4 pieces.  Make sure that 2 pieces are large and 2 pieces are small.  Here is a video if you can't remember how to do a Quad Braid. 
 I held the large pieces between my first two fingers and the small pieces between my last two fingers. 
The end result was really neat looking because it had the large strand all on one side and if you looked at it from a different angle you could see the small plates. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Flashback Friday: Flipped Piggies

I love this style and there is really nothing to it. 
 We separated her hair into two equal halves by creating a zig-zag part down the middle of her head.  Each side was pulled up into a piggie and then we pulled out the large fat curling iron. 
We curled the ends of the piggies so that they flipped out and then topped each one off with a bow.  She had a program at church that day and she looked darling for it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dance Revue Hair

My princess had her final dance revue a little while ago and she needed to have her hair pulled up tightly.  This is what we came up with. 
 I started by dividing out a 1.5 inch section of hair the whole way around the head.  I pull the rest of the hair inside the part into a tight ponytail.  I then divided my hair that I sectioned out into 7 squares - one in the front middle and 4 more on each side. 
I pulled each square into an elastic.  I then divided the hair from each elastic into two equal pieces and combined one piece from each adjacent elastic into it's own elastic about 2 inches from the first one.  Do this the entire way around the head to create a bit of a "net" look.  After I had my second row of elastics I added all the remaining hair into my center ponytail and secured it with a new elastic. 
I then grabbed a bun mold and created the center bun. 
 I separated the excess hair that was left over into two pieces and created Corkscrews out of each.  I wrapped the Corkscrews around the base of the bun and then secured them in place with some bobby pins. 
 I also sprayed her hair with glitter spray for her performance.  
  It was solid as a rock for the whole revue and that's exactly what we wanted!  :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

So Inspired!

Here is another hairstyle that my princess fell in love with that we found here at Babes in Hairland.  She calls this the "Figure 8 Braid" and I think that's a great name for it!  This is our version of that same braid.
 I just started by creating two side piggies with a straight part down the middle.  Divide each piggie into 3 pieces. 
Hold two of those pieces completely still while you wrap the third piece in and out of the two.  The third piece that you are wrapping will run out before you reach the bottom of your piggie so just secure it in place with an elastic where it ends. 
 These are really fast and have a fun new look to them. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Flashback Friday: Locks of Love

My daughter has donated her hair twice to Locks of Love but these pictures are from her first time. 
 Her bangs had finally grown to a nice length and she wanted to do something different with her hair so we decided to chop the length off and even it all out with those bangs. 
She was a little sad at first to see it all gone but as soon as we went home and styled it she was fine. 
We flipped all of her ends out with a mid-sized curling iron and the bang area up and clipped it back with two bendy clips creating and "X".  She looked so cute and the length looked great on her. 
 She was very happy to know that her hair was going to someone that could really use it and couldn't wait until she had enough to donate it again!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reverse Knot Braids

My princess fell in love with this hairstyle we saw here at Princess Hairstyles.  I did not get a picture of her hair before she ran off to school so unfortunately these shots were taken after a full day of play.  (It did look much better when it was first done!)  :) 
I started by straightening all of her hair but you could also wave it or curl it if you like..
  I then moved up to the top of the head and made an off-centered part going from the bang line back to the crown of the head. 
I started with the larger side of the part and grabbed a group of hair form the bang line that I divided into two pieces.  Take the piece closest to the ear and cross it over the other piece and then pull it under and through - like tying your shoelaces.  Now pull it loosely to tighten it a bit and then twist both pieces in the direction of the part to "flip" the knot.  Gather in a little bit of hair from the part and add it into the inside piece of hair and repeat those steps.  Once all of the hair from the part line has been added in, you can hold that side in place with an alligator clip while you move over to the other smaller side.
  Get your two pieces of hair and remember to cross the piece closest to the ear over the other one when tying it.  Also remember to flip it toward the part. 
Once both sides are finished you can secure them together at the back of the head with an elastic.  Add a hair clip to hide the elastic and you're all done!

Monday, June 13, 2011


So this hairstyle is a little bit of everything, hence the name.  Start by sectioning out the top area of hair by creating a part from ear to ear.  Divide that area into two sections by parting it a little off-centered.  Now you will have two sections of hair, a large one and a small one.
  Go ahead and begin with the large one and divide it into two parallel pieces.  Dow divide each of those smaller sections into two pieces and ties them into a half-knot.  Have your princess hold the extra hair while you move over to the smaller side and repeat the same steps.  You should now have four half-knots.  Have your daughter hold the hair from those half-knot while you move on.
 Divide the remaining hair down the middle using any part that you like.  We have used the zig-zag part here. Pull each side up into a piggie. 
 Now go ahead and take the hair from your princess and add the strands closest to the right ear directly into the right piggie and secure it with another elastic.  Also take the strands closest to the left ear and add them directly into the left piggie.  Now take those middle strand from the 4 half-knots and criss-cross them over each other in any fashion you like.  Have the strand from the right knots be eventually added over into the left piggie and the strands from the left knots be added over into the right piggie.  (Hopefully that makes sense.) 
 I went ahead and finished off the style by creating a Quad Braid out of each piggie and folding it up under itself to make a Puppy Dog Ear. 
 I added a flower clip directly over the elastics and ends of the braids to finish it off. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Flashback Friday: Dorothy Hair

For Halloween 2008 my princess decided she wanted to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  This was perfect as far as her hair was concerned because it was the right color and the right length!
 Dorothy hair is pretty simple and it most often parted with a straight division right down the middle but we decided to make it a bit more modern and offset the bangs a bit. 
We created two even French Braids going all the way down the head and then we continued plating about 6 more times after all of the hair had been added in.
  We placed the elastic directly under the final plates of the braids and then curled the remaining hair into one large ringlet by using hot curlers.  She wore this style 4 days in a row - a dance performance, school, trunk-or-treat and then Halloween night so I got really good at it.  :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

All Chained Up

So here's one I came up with while staring at my daughter's "Link-O Cinco de Mayo" hairstyle.  I figured, why not make a bunch of links and jut hook them all together? 
 I started by creating a small (off-centered) half part on top of the head.  I then sectioned out 1/2 inch of hair running parallel on both sides of the part. 
I also grabbed a small bit of hair from right behind where the part ends and added that in with the smaller group of hair. I had my princess hold the two small sections while I pulled the rest of the hair back into a tight but low ponytail.  I pulled out a bunch of small clear elastics to have ready before I started my links. 
Start with the larger section of hair which should be from the larger side of the part.   Wet it down really well and then separate a small piece from near the bang line.  Split that piece in half and start creating your links.  (Fold  one over the other and pull through just like when you start tying your shoes.)  Pull the first one tight and then keep following links loose so they create a circle.  Make links all the way down to the ponytail and then add that hair into the ponytail by wrapping another elastic around it.
Move back up to the part and section out another small piece just behind your first.  Repeat the linking process but make sure to feed one of your pieces through the previous links each time you create a new one.  This will join the two lines of links.  Add it into the ponytail at the bottom with another elastic. 
 Continue doing this around the head.  I ended up with 4 linked chains on the large side, one chain right behind the part and 3 linked chains on the small side. 
Once they were all added into the ponytail I grabbed a small section of hair from the ponytail, wrapped it around all of those elastics to conceal them, and then pulled it back through the ponytail using a Topsy Tail.  I finished it off by braiding the ponytail and adding a flower clip at the bottom.  (You will also want to spray the finished product with hairspray so that it holds tightly throughout the day.) 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Braided Bang

My princess has been dying to try this style out and I'm proud of her because she actually did the braid in front all by herself! 
 Our first step was to section out the bangs in the front of the head.  We clipped all the rest of the hair back and combed that section forward. 
 She started her braid and slowly added hair into one side of it as she plated.  She made sure to pull the braid down toward her face to create the "bangs" look. 
She added all of the hair in from that section and just finished plating the rest of it into a Regular 3-Strand Braid. 
From that point I took over and pulled the rest of the hair - including her braid - back into a tight ponytail.  I combed out any remaining plates from her braid so that all of the hair was straight. 
 I then grabbed a small section that I wrapped around the elastic and then pulled through the ponytail using a Topsy Tail.  
We finished it off by braiding the entire ponytail and adding a hair clip at the bottom.  My princess said that she didn't recognize herself in the mirror because she's not used to having bangs.  :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Flashback Friday: Crazy Hair Day

My princess was 5 years old in this picture and it was her school's "Crazy Hair Day".  I asked her what she wanted to do for her big day and she came up with this hairstyle all by herself. 
We divided the hair directly down the middle and pulled each side up into a piggie.  I dried both sides and pulled out my irons - a flat iron and a ringlet curling iron.  I straightened one side of her head and then made lots of tiny ringlets on the other. 
 It was funny to see how much longer one side ended up being than the other! 
She definitely looked crazy for her big day!