Monday, January 31, 2011

Double Corset Lacing

I love the look of this one but make sure you have a good 30+ minutes in the morning to spare.  :) 
Begin by parting the hair into 3 equal parallel sections.  Create a Dutch Braid out of each of the sections and make sure to braid all the way to the end of the hair.  Now grab some of your favorite ribbon and measure out how much you will need by mimicking the weaving pattern quickly.  It's always best to overestimate a bit.  Make sure you have enough ribbon to cut the same length for your second side as well. 
 Now grab a plastic yarn needle and thread it with the ribbon.  Find the very center of your ribbon and make sure it's placed right at the top of the head - in between two of your Dutch Braids. 
 Start with one half of the ribbon and stitch it into one of the plates on your Dutch Braid.  Pull it through so that it lies flat and then take it across and stitch it through a plate on the other Dutch Braid. 
Continue doing this all the way down to the neck and then go back up and grab the other half of your ribbon.  Make sure your stitches on the second half of the ribbon are even with those from the first half.  (Just on the opposite side.)  When you get down to the neckline you can tie the two ends of the ribbon together into a bow. 
Now repeat the steps for your second side of corset lacing.  When you are all finished, you can either combine the three braids into one elastic like we've done here or leave them each hanging free. 
This is a great one to use for Valentine's Day and use pink or red ribbons!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Flashback Friday: Pink Curlers

It's Flashback Friday time again.  Remember these pink overnight curlers that our moms used to torture us with?!  Well, I used to torture my little princess with them too.  (Until I found Curlformers that is!)  My daughter is 3 in this picture but I started with these curlers when she was about 2. 
I used to get my princess to hold still by letting her color at the table, watch a show or I'd just do her hair while she was eating.  :)  Make sure the hair is wet when you put these curlers in.  We dried and curled her bangs under and then pulled her hair up into her little top-piggies BEFORE putting the curlers in.  
After about 3 hours her hair had finally dried (she has VERY thick hair) and we were able to take out the curlers.  She looked just like Shirley Temple!  These curls were great too because we had church the next day and they had loosened up perfectly by then!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cross My Heart

It's the time of year where we start thinking about all that lovey-dovey stuff and everywhere you turn you see hearts.  :)  I'm going to be posting a few fun Valentine's hairstyles here and there so keep your eyes peeled!  Here's one that I like to call "Cross My Heart" and the name sounds romantic so I'm posting it.  :)
Start by parting the hair horizontally into 3 even sections.  Clip the two side sections out of the way and create a Dutch braid out of the middle section.  Braid it all the way to the bottom of the hair and secure it with an elastic. 
 Unclip your right section of hair and twist the whole thing in toward the braid.  (I have twisted away from the braid here just to show you that option as well if you like it better.) 
 Have your princess hold the twist while you move over to the left section and twist that in toward the braid also. 
Now take your two twists and cross them over the top of the braid and then around the back. 
 Keep wrapping them around the braid until you get to the bottom of your twists.  Now secure the twists and the braid together at the bottom with an elastic.  Hide the elastic with a hair clip to finish it off. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Double Layered Bun

Here's a really pretty hairstyle that needs to be done with wet hair.
Start by pulling all of the hair back into a ponytail.
Separate a section of your ponytail and puff it up about 1/2 inch and then fold it down in front of the elastic and secure it with bobby pins in an "X" formation. 
Take the excess hair from that section and wrap it flatly,  in a circular motion, on top of the head - being sure to add bobby pins as often as needed to hold the hair down.
Continue separating sections from the ponytail and continuing these same steps. 
When you're all finished, spray it with hairspray for hold.
Add some fun hair accessories and it's all complete.  We've added some little bows glued to the ends of hair pins that we just tucked right into the different layers of the bun.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Flashback Friday: Toddler Piggies & Curls

I've decided that I'm going to try something fun for some of my Friday posts and do a "Flashback Friday".  Many of you have younger girls with not so much hair so I'm going to share some of the ideas we've used for my princess throughout the years.  (Keep in mind that the pictures may not be fantastic but hopefully they will at least give you some ideas!) 
This is my princess in April of 2007 when she was 3 1/2 years old.  She had some bangs that we always curled under.  Her hair is sectioned on top from ear to ear and then divided in half for two top-piggies. 
We flipped the bottoms of her hair up and out and added some ribbon clips to her piggies. 
I miss doing fun little toddler do's!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

5-Strand With Flair

So a couple days ago our blog was featured over at "Every Day Mom Ideas" and we did a new hairstyle called "4-Strand With Flair".  I was playing around with it a little bit and decided it would look really cool with a 5-Strand as well so here it is:
Separate the hair you want to braid into 5 equal strands.  Take the strand farthest to your left and go over the adjacent strand, under the very next strand and over the very next strand.  (That left strand should now be one strand in from the far right side.)  Now take the strand farthest to your right and go over the adjacent strand, under the very next strand and over the very next strand.  (That right strand should now be one strand in from the far left side.)  Begin the pattern again with the strand farthest to the left, going over, then under and then over,  and continue until you get to the bottom of the hair, leaving about 1.5 inches unplated. 
Now, starting at the bottom of the braid, gently pull at the far right and left plates of the braid to loosen them up a bit and make them flair out more than the inside plates.  Continue doing this up to the top of the braid, gently playing with those outside plates to loosen them up.  When you've done that, go ahead and secure the bottom of the braid with an elastic.
 Easy as that!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pull-Throughs to Parallel Braids

Begin by separating 3 sections at the top of the head and tie each section back with an elastic.
 Grab your Topsy Tail and create Pull-Throughs out of the 3 sections. 
Now take the remaining hair, between your last section and the ear, and create a braid out of it. 
Do the same on the opposite side of the head as well. 
 Bring the two braids to the back of the head and combine them with an elastic.  (You can cover that elastic using a small claw clip or a ribbon.) 
Now grab another small section of hair, below the first, for a second braid on each side.  Have your princess hold the two braids while you pull the rest of the hair into a low ponytail. 
 Bring the two braids around the back of the head and wrap them around the elastic holding your ponytail.  Pull the ends of the braids through the elastic using your Topsy Tail to secure the braids.  
This hairstyle held really tightly all day long so it's a great one for those play days! 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Lovely Lacing

I am the first to admit that Dutch Braids are my downfall but I've found a way to mask some of my mistakes.  Cover it up with ribbon!  :)
Begin this hairstyle by dividing the hair into two halves using your favorite part.  Now create a Dutch Braid on each half of the head.  (Dutch Braids are just like French Braids but you will plate the hair by going under with the outside strands instead of over.)
Now you can either use one long strand of ribbon for each braid or two different strands tied together at the top. We've done two strands tied together because we wanted two different colors. 
 Grab a plastic yarn needle and thread your ribbon through the eye. Pull the very center of your ribbon underneath the very top of your braid.  (This will conceal the area where the ribbon is tied.) 
Now start stitching on one side of your Dutch Braid by feeding the needle back under the hair, the length of one plate on your braid.  Pull the needle back up from under the hair directly in the middle of that previous ribbon stitch.  Make sure your needle come through on the outside of the ribbon and not inside by the braid.  Also be sure that your ribbon does not get all twisted as you stitch.  Feed it down into the hair again, another plate length.  Continue stitching down to the neck and then go up and finish the other side of your braid. 
 Tie your ribbons together in a bow when you reach the neck.  Follow the same steps for your second Dutch Braid.  I really liked how the ribbon covered up some of my messiness with the braids.  :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Absorbing Braid

I recently saw this braid done somewhere else and I thought it was a great idea to share.  You'll understand the name as you read the directions.
Begin by parting off the top section of hair from one ear to another.  Secure it all into an elastic and create a 3-Strand Braid.  Braid all the way to the bottom of the hair and then tie an elastic to hold it together.   
Now make another part along the middle of the head from one ear to the other. 
Divide that section into two large pieces and begin another 3-Strand Braid, using your original braid as the 3rd strand.  Braid all the way to the bottom of the hair and then tie an elastic to hold it together. 
Now divide the remaining hair into two large pieces and finish it off with another 3-Strand Braid, using that previous combined braid as your 3rd Strand.  (Now does the name of the hairstyle make sense?)  
Finish off the hairstyle by removing the previous elastics at the bottom of the first two braids and securing all of the final braid with one elastic.  Add a ribbon over the original elastic at the top of the head and a flower over the bottom elastic and it's done. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rapunzel Braids

We actually did this hairstyle before Christmas but decided not to post it until we had seen "Tangled".  (Darling movie!) 
 These are our version of Rapunzel Braids.
We started with a small section of hair in the front where we created a Pull-Through and then we parted the rest of the hair straight down the middle. 
 Now pull each half of the hair up into a side piggie.  Grab two small sections from one of the piggies and create 3-Strand Braids out of both of them. 
Comb the rest of your piggie out so that it's nice and smooth and then wrap the two braids around the piggie. Make sure your braids are wrapping in opposite directions.  Secure it all together at the bottom with an elastic. 
 Repeat the same steps with your other piggie and you're finished! 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Maiden Braid

Here's a hairstyle that just sort of happened one morning. 
 My princess named it the "Maiden Braid" because I said to her, "Oh, you look like a fair maiden."  :)
We began with two semi-diagonal French Braids along the bang line. 
The "French" part was about 5 inches long and then the rest was just finished off with a regular 3-Strand Braid. 
 Gather some hair from the front of the head, on the opposite side of the French Braids, and create a regular 3-Strand Braid. 
Now pull all three braids to the back of the head.  Have the single braid lay right between the two braids from the opposite side and bobby pin all the braids together. 
You will have little ends sticking out on each side so grab a small section of hair from each side of the head and pull it over the loose ends to hide them.  Combine the new hair in the back with an elastic.  Gather two more sections from each side of the head and combine that in the back with an elastic again.  Now gather all of the hair that is down and create a low braid. 
 Finish it off with a fun little clip and you're all set to go.  The cupcake clip is fun for birthdays so feel free to copy the idea if you like it!