Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Hairstyles: Frosty

This is the final hairstyle on our video from Friday and we call it Frosty. 
 In the video I just showed you how to assemble the original bun but these pictures will show you the finished product as it should be.
These are the supplies you will need.  I found these knee-high stockings at our local dollar store but you can use an old pair of tights, old socks, or just some ribbon if you like.  I used some Sharpie markers to draw on the face and the buttons.  Remember that you do not have to purchase the bun molds because you can used rolled socks for the form if you would rather.  The bun molds are just nice because they allow you to stick hairpins and bobby pins into them a bit easier.  There is a short bit of yarn for the scarf, some brown pipe cleaner for the arms, and a small Santa hair clip.  (A hat is optional.)
Start by dividing the hair into two halves along the back of the head so that you have a top half and a bottom half.  You are going to secure each half into an elastic. 
 Make sure that your top half ponytail is a bit lower so that it is close to the part and your bottom half should be higher so that it is close to the part as well. 
Pull a mold over each ponytail and create a bun as shown in the video.  Grab your stockings and pull those over the bun as well and secure them by placing a final elastic over them.  (You can stretch and pull the stockings at this point to get the face exactly how you want it.)  Tie your yarn around the end of a bobby pin and pop that in the middle of the two buns for your scarf. 
Your last step is to insert the two pipe cleaner arms and clip the hat on top.  My princess wore this to a Christmas show and it was a huge crowd pleaser.


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