Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Hairstyles: Winter Wonderland

*I apologize in advance for the darker pictures but we did this hairstyle for a Christmas party in the evening so the sun had already gone down.*  We call this one the "Winter Wonderland" and we don't get any snow where we live so it was fun to create a snowy scene in her hair.  :)
Here are the supplies we used and I know that they're not necessarily supplies that you would have readily available but you can be creative and use what you have!  First we have a jumbo twist form and some white faux hair that we got at Sally's.  (You could use a pair of long rolled socks and ribbon as substitutes.)  There are also some little snowflake jewels that we just glued to hair pins but you could also use regular rhinestones.  Finally we have some snowman hair clips and I made these ones out of ribbons and alligator clips but you could make some simple ones with cotton balls and hair pins if you wanted.
Begin with wet hair and comb it all straight back.  Clip your faux hair underneath the other hair by the nape of the neck.  Now grab your twist form and place it at the ends of the hair.  Roll it upwards into the head until you have it nice and tight.  You will want to make sure that you are spreading your faux hair out a bit as you roll as well so it's not all in one clump.  Once your form is tightly against the head, secure it in place using bobby pins.  This is our hill of snow for our Winter Wonderland.
Now go ahead and place your snowman clips on top of the hill of snow in any way that you like.  (You could also make tree clips and use those as well or in place of.) 
Your final step is to make it look like it's snowing by inserting your hair pins in random places above the snowmen.
Now you've created a Winter Wonderland picture through a hairstyle.  It also looks like one of those over-the-top Christmas sweaters that Grandma used to wear.  :)