Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday's Film: Puffy Braids

We had a request from one of our Facebook followers that we do some of our basic videos to help those that are a bit newer to the hair scene.  :)  Here is a video of one of our favorites, the Puffy Braid:
I hope that helps make it a bit easier for you.
 Here is the finished hairstyle.  You can use all the hair and create one large Puffy Braid as well instead of separating it into two halves.
Here is the top view that shows how all of our parts are uniform coming off of that main center part.  
This is a side view so that you can see a bit better how we were sectioning the sides of the head.
 Finish it off by adding some fun hair accessories.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Favorites

It's getting close to Halloween and we have several fun hairstyles just right for this fun time!  You can click on the label over on our sidebar called "Halloween" for the full collection but here are some of our favorites.  Simply click on the name underneath the picture and it will take you right to the original post.  Happy Haunting!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Film: Double Fancy French Wraps

After our post on Wednesday we had a lot of feedback and everyone said the same thing, "We need a video!"  :)  (You can find that original post here.) We decided to create a bit of a new hairstyle out of the same thing so we created two wraps to switch it up a little but the concept is the exact same. 
I tried to avoid the spotlight because it causes so many shadows but it still seems dark.  I'm working to fix this problem in the future!  Hopefully you can still get the general idea.
Here is what the finished Double Fancy French Wrap looks like.
Here's a view of the "French" part where the hair has been added in.
This is what the top of the style looks like.
Here's a closer view of the wraps and they look nice but I have to say that I prefer the look of the wraps when the style is done in single form as opposed to double.  A thicker ponytail looks a bit better.  This is still nice though.  :)  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fancy French Wrap

This style looks amazing and the best part is that it's SO SIMPLE!  Start with wet hair for the best results.
Begin by sectioning out the top half of the hair from ear to ear and pulling it into a ponytail.  (You should literally have half of the hair in this ponytail.)  Make sure your ponytail is nice and smooth.
Now section out two small areas on each side of the ponytail - underneath that secured top half.  Cross the two sides over the top of your ponytail and then around and underneath it.  Continue wrapping those strands around the ponytail until you get down to the bottom where you will secure it with one small elastic.  Now Grab two more small areas on each side of the ponytail, just below your previous ones and repeat the wrapping steps. 
 Be careful in your placement of the wraps.  You want your new warps to lie directly above your previous wraps to get the desired look at the end.  Once you have wrapped those two new strands all the way down to the bottom of the ponytail,  Secure it in place with another small elastic.  (Or you can just reuse your previous elastic.)  
 Now grab your remaining loose hair on each side of the ponytail and create one final layer of wraps going down the ponytail.  Secure that at the bottom with one final elastic.  We added a small ribbon on our first elastic but you can decorate the hair with any accessories you like.  :) 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Long Knot Puffy Braids

Thanks for being patient with us while we took a couple weeks off.  We have had family in town and lots of school and extracurricular activities going on.  We are excited to get back to posting some hairstyles and our first one is called "Long Knot Puffy Braids". 
 Start with wet hair and divide it in half  by creating a part directly down the middle of the head.  Now make a small section at the front of the head on each side of the part.  Combine each of those sections into a small elastic so that you now have two small ponytails - one on each side of the part.  Take those two ponytails and do the first step of tying your shoelace - take one over the other and pull it through so that the ponytails have created a twist and are now on the opposite sides from which they started.  
Have your princess hold those two strands while you sections out two new areas.  (Right below your previous two.  Add the ponytail on the right side in with that new section on the right and secure it with an elastic.  Do the same on the left side as well. 
Now take your two new ponytails and just repeat the steps.  
Continue creating new sections of hair down to the bottom of the head.  You will finish with two final ponytails.