Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Hairstyles: Bandu Snowman

This is our Bandu Snowman hairstyle and it's made with three Bandu (or Odango) Buns.
Here are some of the supplies that you will need.  The snowman hair clips, yarn, & needle are optional.  I demonstrated how you can use the yarn in the video but I didn't personally like the outcome so our pictures are done without it.  There is a bit of yarn for the scarf, brown pipe cleaners for the arms, & a Santa hat clip.  (You can use anything you have for the hat or just leave it off.)
I'm pretty sure I called the snowman a "scarecrow" in this video and my arm was in the way for a bit of it.  Not my finest filming experience but hopefully you get the idea!  :)
It turned out pretty cute didn't it!
This shows how it looks from the side.
You can see where I divided out the three sections to start with.
It would also be fun to add some cute buttons or some type of carrot nose!
It's a pretty fast hairstyle and it holds tightly throughout the whole day.


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