Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Hairstyles: Santa Hat

This is a hairstyle created from the original hairstyle called Half-Down French Braids.  We've just added some fun accessories to make it a Santa Hat.
These are the supplies that we used but you can find anything that works for you.  There is red ribbon, a plastic yarn needs. some extra large white wire-ribbon, and a white puff ball that we've glued to a hair pin. 
Create your Half-Down French Braid hairstyle first.  The directions can be found here.  Now grab your red ribbon and your yarn needle.  (You will want to make sure the ribbon is long enough to weave on both sides of your braids.)  Feed your ribbon through your top elastic so that the exact middle of the ribbon is folded at the band.  
Start with one side of your ribbon and weave it back and forth through both sets of braids - making sure to alternate your left and right sides.   When you get down to the bottom of the "French" part of your braid, secure that ribbon by tying it around the braid and then knotting it.  Cut off any excess ribbon.  (This part will be hidden later.) 
 Move over to your other side of ribbon and repeat the steps.  Be sure that this new side of ribbon is exactly mirroring your previous side. 
After both ends of ribbon have been tied off and the excess had been cut, you are ready to use your white wired-ribbon.  Wrap it behind both braids at the nape of the neck and then bring it around the front and tie it in a bow.  (Make sure the white ribbon is covering those ends from your red ribbon.)  Shape your bow until it looks the way you like.  (This is the reason for using wired-ribbon.)  Take a bobby pin on each braid and run it through the ribbon to secure it to the hair.  The final step is to insert your puffy white hair pin into the top elastic. 
 Now your princess is festive and ready for Christmas!  :)    


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Unknown said...

I LOVE your site !!!!!!!! We did this style last night for church and it was a huge hit !! Thank you so much for all the great ideas <3 my girls look forward to shopping for the supplies and picking out the style's :)