Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pull-Through Quad

Sometimes it's nice to have a simple hairstyle to do on those mornings when there is just not enough time. 
Pull all the hair back into a ponytail to start. 
Now grab your Topsy Tail and create a regular Pull-Through. 
 Braid the Pull-Through however you like - we've done a Quad Braid. 
 Now add a hair accessory at the bottom and, quick as that, you're done!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just Four Fun

Start by sectioning off a group of hair from ear to ear and then divide that into 5 individual sections - having one right in the middle of the head. 
 Now secure each section into a little elastic and create a Pull-Through.
  Create another section running horizontally just parallel to the first.  Now divide that into 4 individual sections.  (Those 4 sections need to be off-centered from the original 5 sections creating a "brick" look.) 
Now divide the Pull-Throughs from the original sections into two halves and combine them into the four sections behind and secure each section with an elastic. 
Pull the front sections right next to the ears back without separating into half. Now make those four sections into Pull-Throughs at well. 
You will be left with 4 ponytails that you will combine into a woven 4-Strand Braid.  This is done by taking the far left strand of the braid and going under and over the adjacent strands until it reaches the other side and then continuing the same pattern with the new left side strand.   
When you get to the bottom you can combine the braid with the rest of the hair and secure it with an elastic.  Add a hair accessory and you're all finished!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Time!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  My daughter was building turkeys out of pipe cleaners for our napkin rings for dinner and we decided to try a turkey in her hair.  As I was getting ready to upload the pictures I saw this one over at Babes in Hairland.  It's almost exactly the same turkey was too funny!  I like how hers has braids though.
We started by pulling some hair from the top half of the head back into a small elastic and creating an Odango Bun.  The are simply made by twisting a section of hair tightly and then wrapping it around itself until the bun starts to grow tall. 
Now Pull the rest of the hair up into a ponytail and create a bun using a bun mold.  Braid the excess hair and wrap it around the mold and then secure it with bobby pins. 
I also bobby pinned the Odango Bun to the bun mold so that it looks like a head on top of a body.
Choose as many different colors of pipe cleaners as you like and cut them in half for the feathers.  Also cut some yellow or orange for the legs and beak.
Spread them out above the head and body and just poke the ends of the pipe cleaners into the head and they will hold.  We hope you all have a great Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Fun

So this really isn't a Thanksgiving hairstyle but I wanted to at least honor the holiday.  :)  My original idea was to try and create a cornucopia and it just didn't turn out right so we went with this instead.
Begin by parting the hair right down the middle and then creating a parallel part on both sides. 
You should end up with 4 vertical sections. 
Tie each off with an elastic right in the middle and create a Corkscrew out of each.  Secure your Corkscrews at the ends with elastics. 
 Now, in no particular pattern, wrap the Corkscrews in and around each other until it creates a long bun.  Bobby pin the Corkscrews into place and have your ends coming out through the middle. 
Get your ends really wet and curl them out around your fingers to fan them out a bit.  Spray the hair with some hairspray and it will hold all day long. 
Now the only part of this hairstyle that has anything to do with Thanksgiving is the pilgrim clips underneath.  :)  

Monday, November 22, 2010

Diagonal Pull-Throughs

Begin by parting out a section of hair on a diagonal slant over the left eye. 
Secure it into an elastic and create a Pull-Through. 
Now create another diagonal part below and parallel to the first. 
Secure the elastic in just a bit more to the right than the previous elastic and create a Pull-Through. 
Continue doing this down the head and make sure that your elastics are creating a diagonal line and are not right under one another. 
You will end up with a side ponytail on the right side.  Put in a hair clip and you're finished!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stairway to Heaven

I went to my first Page and Plan concert when I was 14 and have always been a Led Zeppelin fan so I knew exactly what we would call this hairstyle.
This hairstyle can work with wet or dry hair but you'll find that the hair will stay longer if you do it wet.  Begin by sectioning out a  small portion of hair right in the front by parting from ear to ear.  Now divide that into two sections - making sure your dividing part is a little off-centered. 
Now create a Corkscrew out of each side.  Before you combine the Corkscrews, comb all the rest of the hair down flat.
  Pull the two Corkscrews together in the back of the head and combine them by twisting them one over the other.  (What I like to call the "first step of tying your shoelaces.") Now secure it down with a couple of bobby pins and comb out any hanging Corkscrew so that the extra hair is straight. 
 Now gather another small section from each side of the head, just below the first Corkscrews, and create a new Corkscrew on each side.  Bring them to the back of the head and combine them the same way you did with the first.  Do this a third and a fourth time as well. 
 Once you've combined all four Corkscrews you'll want to comb out the remaining hair and create a 5-Strand Braid and then secure that at the bottom with an elastic.  Spray the hair really well with hairspray to ensure that it holds and add a flower to the bottom of your braid.  We've also added some little pearl bobby pins underneath each of the "junctions" of the Corkscrews. 
 Now can you see the stairway leading up?  :)
I have also had some requests to see some ideas for Thanksgiving hair clips so here they are. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

10-Strand Braid

The name should instantly instill fear in you but don't let it because it looks harder than it really is. 
 Make sure the hair is completely wet and pull it all back into a tight ponytail.  Now divide the ponytail in half and set one half aside. 
With the other half you'll want to create a 5-Strand Braid.  If you're unsure of how to do this, you can check out our previous post here.  Secure the bottom with an elastic and create another 5-Strand braid with the other half of the ponytail. 
Combine both braids at the bottom with one elastic.  Now simply grab some bobby pins and pin the two braids together so that their exactly side by side.  This will give you the look of your 10-Strand Braid!  (See I told you that was easy!)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

With a Side of Braids

Who needs a side of fries when you can have a side of braids right!? 
Begin with the hair wet and pull it all over into a side ponytail. 
Now grab your Topsy Tail and create and Inverted Pull-Through. 
Separate the Inverted Pull-Through into 3 sections and create a regular 3-Strand Braid out of each. 
 Secure each braid with an elastic at the bottom.  Now gather each of the bottom elastics together and pull them up underneath the top elastic and combine them in by pulling one final elastic around all three braids. 
You can either leave it the way it is now or grab some product and shape the wispy ends into curls or spikes. 
Add a bow on top and you're finished!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Something's Fishy

This hairstyle is all about the Fish Bone Braid.  If you're not sure how to do this you can check out our previous post on it here.
Start by dividing the hair in half and clipping one section out of the way.
Grab some hair from the top of the other half and divide it into two pieces.  Cross the left piece over the right piece and then grab a new piece of hair from the tight and cross it over the left.  Now grab some new hair from the left and cross it over to the right. 
You'll notice that a French Fish Bone is different from a regular French Braid because there's no actual plating involved.  Simply gather new hair from each side and cross it over to the opposite section.  We did this midway down the head and then secured all the hair from that section into an elastic.  Now move over and unclip the other section to repeat the same process. 
 Now you will have two ponytails hanging down that you will make Fish Bone Braids out of.  Once they were finished, secure each one with an elastic and add some bows over the top elastics. 
It's a very "fishy" hairstyle!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Treasure Hunt

Now we've done a post similar to this before where we've had the braids crossing over one another a couple times but this one is a bit more simple and (I think) looks a little nicer.  We call the one "The Treasure Hunt" because X marks the spot!
Begin by parting the hair in half vertically and then again in half horizontally.  You should now have 4 equal sections.  Go ahead and clip up the bottom two sections and the top-right section so you can begin working with the top-left section. 
Create a Dutch Braid aiming right for the middle of the head where both parts meet. 
Once you've gathered all the hair from the top-left section and your braid is where the two parts meet, unclip the bottom-right section and continue your Dutch Braid there.  Once all of the hair has been gathered from that section, just finish off your braid and secure it with an elastic. 
Now unclip the top-right section and begin a second Dutch Braid there. 
When all of the hair from that section is gathered and your braid is where the parts meet, plate it 3 more times without adding any hair so that it goes over the previous braid.  Now unclip your final bottom-left section and continue your Dutch Braid.  
Once all of the hair has been gathered from that section, just finish off your braid and secure it with an elastic.  Add some bows over each elastic and you're finished!