Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday's Film: Holiday Hairstyle: Christmas Tree

This is a fun Christmas Tree hairstyle that is easy to complete.
These are the supplies you will need along with some bobby pins and elastics.  These are mini ornaments for small trees but you could also just place some small clips around your finished tree.  Also, make sure you have a "tree topper".  I've just used a wrapping bow glued to an alligator clip here.  You will also want to have your Topsy Tail handy.
You can see why I suggested that you have your Topsy Tail handy!  :)
Here is the finished product.
Make sure when you puff up your braid that you bobby pin it at the top.  The tree topper will hide the pins in the end.
You can see from the side how I tucked it up under.
Here's a view from the other side.
It also looks cute just hanging as a braid with fun little ornaments inserted.
My princess likes this hairstyle best so far but I think it's because of the ornament bling!  :)


Jill said...

This one's my favorite so far too! Love it :)

Our Rabbit Hole11 said...

wish I had 2 more hands and eyes behind my head so i could try this myself :)

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