Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Princess Pentagon

This hairstyle will be easiest right after washing the hair because then it's nice and wet and easy to work with. 
 Grab your rat-tail come and section out a pentagon shape right in the middle of the head.  Make sure all five sides are equal and have straight lines and then tie the hair inside the pentagon into a ponytail.
 Now from each corner of the pentagon you'll make a part straight out to the hairline.  Do this on ever corner and you will end up with 5 individual sections. 
Tie each off with an elastic close to the pentagon shape. 
 Create two braids out of each of the elastics and then pull the braids all up into the center ponytail and combine it all with another elastic. 
 You'll now have one single ponytail and you'll want to brush it all out until it's smooth.  Now make a Messy Bun with the ponytail and spray it all with hairspray. 
Just add a ribbon to finish it off.


Betty Asphy said...

I really like the princess piggies. Quite creative.

Anonymous said...

Comment on le fais