Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Hairstyles: Snowflake

This Holiday Hairstyle is a snowflake and the pictures don't do it much justice.  It actually turned out really cute but I do have to admit that I think it would look better on hair that is not quite so long.
Here are the supplies needed:  White yarn or ribbon, a snowflake hair clip or clips, and some little rhinestones that either twist into the hair or have velcro on the back to slide into the hair.
Begin by parting the hair into sections.  Part the hair in half horisontally first.  This should now give you two equal sectinos - one on top and one on bottom.  Tie off the top section and begin working on the bottom. 
Have your princess lie on her tummy on a bed so that her face is just over the side.  This will make it easier to do an upside down French Braid.  Divide that lower half into two equal sections and create and upside down French Braid out of both sections.  Add in hair all the way up to that middle part and then get 3 strands of white yarn ready.  Add in a strand of yarn to each of your sections of hair that you are braiding and finish the French Braids off with Regular 3-Strand Braids.    Secure the bottom with an elastic and cut off any excess yarn.  Do this to both sides. 
 When the bottom half is done, you can have your princess get up so you can move to the top half.  We have created 4 sections on our top half but you can do just two again if you like.  Create  French Braid out of each section - adding in hair until you reach the part.  Add your 3 strand of white yard to each braid and finish it off with a Regular 3-Strand Braid.  Secure them all at the ends with elastics and cut off any excess yarn. 
You should now have a braid from each section that is hanging.  Go ahead and combine them all into one elastic so that they hold a bit tighter.
 Now take each individual braid and fold it under itself once.  Bobby pin your end underneath so that it stays securely in place.  Do this in a circular motion so that your braids each fan out away from the center of the head.  
You can be finished at this point or you can add a snowflake hair clip to the middle and some rhinestones to make it shimmer a bit.


Brooke said...

Wow! Very pretty.

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