Friday, July 9, 2010

Topsy Tail Waterfall Braids

One of our previous posts was the Waterfall Braid but you have to know how to French Braid for that one so here's an easier version: Simply part the hair and then section out a 1/2 inch section of hair right next to the part. Put a clip around this section and set it to the side. Now take a small section from the front of the head and loosely braid it back to the crown of the head. Grab a small section of hair from the crown and attach the braid to it with an elastic. (I like to cover my elastics with small clips for a more finished look.) You can make as many small braids as you like - I've done two on one side of the part and one on the other. Now take the hair that you clipped, grab a small section from the front, and pull it through the loop on your Topsy Tail. Now you can feed that hair through each of your braids. Continue grabbing more small sections of that clipped hair until you've fed it through the entire braid. Now you've got that waterfall look but it was much easier to create!


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