Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Firework

This is a borrowed hairstyle but I've always loved it and I think it was perfect for the Pioneer Day fireworks show in Utah. You have to kind of use you imagination with this one but see how it starts in the middle of her hair and shoots out into colorful explosions just like a firework! (I know it's a stretch) :) Start by parting the hair straight down the middle and tie one half off with an elastic. Now divide the other half into three equal triangles. Tie each little section off with an elastic to hold it out of the way. Now take the elastic out of one triangle section and twist it into an Odango Bun. (Odango Buns are made by twisting the whole strand of hair and then twisting the hair around itself and making a bun.) Secure the bun with an elastic. Now do this with the other two sections and repeat the process on the other half of the head. (Tip: It looks best if you can make the parts on the second half shoot straight off from the parts on the first side.) Finish it all off by twisting some pipe cleaners around each bun. The sparkly pipe cleaners work the best. She had a ball at the festivities and everyone kept commenting on her hair.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julie! such a wonderful blog and ideas you have here. I did this hair from my daughter today and it was an absolute hit. I hope you continue blogging, you and your work is so inspiring.