Monday, July 12, 2010

Fairytale Bun

I've seen this one done before and thought that it was just beautiful. Start by sectioning out a large circle of hair in the middle of the head. (Leave out about an inch thick of hair all the way around the head.) Tie the large middle section of hair into a ponytail and set aside. The rest of the hair should be hanging down and you're going to section it out into 1.5 inch squares and bind them with colored elastics. You should end up with small ponytails and elastics going all the way around the head. Divide each small ponytail into two sections. Take one section from one elastic and one section from the adjacent elastic and make a Corkscrew. Add that corkscrew into the large middle ponytail with an elastic. Continue doing this around the entire head until all of the hair is in the center ponytail. Now make a Twisty Bun and tie it down with a large elastic.
Add a flower for fun and you're all set!

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