Thursday, July 1, 2010

Challah Braid - 6 Strand

I'm sure you've heard of "Challah Bread", well this is our attempt at a "Challah Braid". It can also be called a 6-Strand Braid. I found a tutorial online here for the bread braiding so just apply it to the hair instead.  :)Braids that have and even number of strands of hair will turn out to be square as opposed to the flat braids that result from an odd number of strands. This is the top view of this braid and it's neat because it looks like a small braid sitting on top of a larger one. Here's the side view and it looks like an ordinary braid except that it's not flat. The back of the braid also looks like a regular braid but all of these sides are forming a cubed braid. It's definitely a "different" looking braid and we always like the unusual around here!

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