Friday, July 16, 2010

Rainbow Connection

The princess decided that this was the perfect name for this hairstyle because the headband is like a rainbow and the piggies are connected in the back. :) She had kind of a zebra theme going on that day. Start by sectioning out about 1/2 inch of hair in the very front. Have your daughter hold that while you pull the rest of the hair into two piggies in the back. Now take the hair from your daughter, separate it into two sections and pull it down tightly by each ear. Twist it tightly over the headband and to the back of the head. Now take both little sections and twist them over each other (as if you're starting to tie your shoe) several times. Take the remaining hair and wrap it around each piggy and use your Topsy Tail to pull it through the piggy. You can leave your piggies down or finish them off with any type of braid. Now I have to give a little shout out to where we got the princess's darling pettiskirt! She loves them so much that we had to get 5 different ones. :)

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Huber Family said...

check out that is where i get our Pettiskirt. CHEAP!!!