Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lucky Number Seven

I figured that since we are from Las Vegas, it was only fitting to name our 7-Strand Braid "Lucky Number Seven". :) You can being this braid in a Ponytail, with half the hair pulled up (like we've done here) or with no elastic at all. Start with the section of hair you are using and separate it into 7 equal sections. (It's just like the 5-Strand Braid but with two extra strands.) Begin with the outside section on one side and take it under the adjacent section, over the following section and under the very next section. That outside piece should now be right in the middle. Grab the outside section from the opposite side and do the same thing - under the adjacent piece, over the next piece and under the very next piece until that section is in the middle. Continue this down the entire braid, rotating from right side to left side. You will want to tie an elastic around the bottom of your braid to finish it off. I think this braid looks really cool and my princess was getting comments on it all day long.

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