Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ribbon Braid

This one is really pretty but it has a bit of a learning curve. Start by parting the hair. Choose your ribbon in any color you like and attach it to the hair with a small elastic. Now gather a small section of hair from the top and divide it into three sections like you would a normal braid. The ribbon will be next to the middle strand of your braid. (Your ribbon will never move - the hair will braid around it.) Take your left strand of hair and go over the adjacent strand of hair and under the ribbon. Now take the right strand and go under the adjacent strand and over the ribbon. Grab the new left strand and repeat the steps. If you would like to make this a French Ribbon Braid you just add in hair to each side strand as you braid it. I did two French Ribbon Braids here and tied them off with elastics at the base of the head. I trimmed the excess ribbon and tucked the ribbon at the top of the head inside the braid with my rat-tail comb. I braided the rest of the hair and added some flower clips. This is what it will look like at the end. Kind of neat huh!

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