Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Crazy Corkscrews

We do this hairstyle all the time but I've never done a post on it so here you go! It's really easy and the only thing that take some time is making your Corkscrews. Section out a small bit of hair in the front and put an elastic around it. Make a small Pull Through and then divide it into two sections. Now part the rest of the hair down the middle and make each side into a ponytail. Take the two small section from you Pull Through and make each one into a Corkscrew. Tie one Corkscrew into each ponytail with another elastic. Finish off by dividing each ponytail into three sections and creating a Corkscrew out of each of those sections. You should have lots or twists in your daughter's hair when you're all done!


John and Suzi said...

So cute! I have a question about hte challah braid - I watched a video that explained how to do it, but I can't figure out how you hold six sections of hair at the same time....Any tips?

Julie said...

It's VERY tricky! I just alternate strands between my fingers and double up strand in some fingers at times. I don't have any good tips because we just don't have enough fingers. :) The more you practice the easier it will get!