Monday, July 19, 2010

Daisy Chains & Curls

Daisy Chains are really easy and are meant to have that "disheveled" look - not the clean and crisp look of french braids. The hair does not need to be wet but it will hold better when wet and you will get better curls at the end. Begin by parting the hair and creating two sections. Pull one section off to the side and begin on the other. Grab two small sections of hair at the top of the head. Pretend these are shoelaces and wrap them as you would if you were beginning to tie your shoes. Now gather some hair in to both strands and repeat that step. You will continue adding in hair and wrapping them. When you get to the base of the head, just continue wrapping without adding in hair and then tie it off with an elastic when you're done. It's important to remember to wrap the hair in the same direction each time. Go ahead and take the large section of hair that you set aside and do the same thing.
(Note: I wrapped the braids the same as I did on the previous side to show you what it looks like. If you want it to mirror the opposite side, make sure you wrap your strands opposite from what you did on the previous side.)
She wore her hair like this to school and then we took out the braids when she came home. Look at the beautiful curls made by the Daisy Chain! It's a whole new hairstyle made out of the first one!

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