Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hairstyle for Multiple Days

This one takes some time so it's nice that it lasts a couple days. My princess had a swimming party and we were going out right after so I knew I wouldn't have time to redo her hair. We decided to do one of our swimming styles. Start by sectioning out a circle right at the crown of the head. (Make it about 3 inches across.) Wrap it tightly in an elastic. There should be hair hanging down on all sides of the ponytail. Now make another circle part around the first one so that you are separating the remaining hair in half and in a circular shape around the original ponytail. Pull that middle section up around the original ponytail and attach it with a loose elastic just to get it out of the way. Section out the remaining hair into 1.5 inch squares. Combine the hair from each square into an elastic until all the remaining hair is in elastics around the perimeter of the head. Now let down the next section of hair from the ponytail. Section that out into 1.5 inch squares as well but make sure the squares are not parallel with the original squares. The parts need to look like stacked bricks - alternating, if that makes sense. Now separate each small ponytail into 2 sections and take one section from each adjacent square to add into the new ponytail on the square behind. Do that around the entire head. Now gather all the loose ponytails and attach them to the original middle ponytail with an elastic. All of the hair should be up in a ponytail now. Go ahead and break that up and create as many small braids as you like. You can add beads to the bottom of the braids if you want to, like we've done here. She swam in this hair and it still looked perfect for church the next day. We even took out all the braids and elastics and she had a crimped ponytail for school on Monday!

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