Monday, July 5, 2010

Glowing Star

We decided to give the star another try for church since it's Independence Day. Personally, I like this star a bit better. Start just like the last one, with three Pull-Throughs at the top of the head. I separated the top and left side ponytails into two separate braids and the right ponytail was only in one braid. Make sure that you pull one of the left braids across and add it into the ponytail on the right before you begin braiding the right one. Once you've got all your braids, get them into the star formation and attach them to the existing ponytails. We finished off the rest of the hair with regular braids. Later that night we prepared to go to a fireworks show and we threaded some glow sticks through her braids. They glowed through the whole fireworks show and she looked great!


Anonymous said...

I just love your Blog. I just tried out the Glowing star minus the glow sticks on my daughter. She has much shorter hair then your daughter, but I managed. I loved how it turned out. Thank you for such an amazing Blog.

Chantal Leblanc said...

i did this star in my daughter's hair a while back for school and she got so many compliments on it!! she was so proud of her star!!

Anonymous said...

You could also maybe use the star as the Star of David.