Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday's Film: 7-Strand Braids

You may have noticed a couple new things on our sidebar.  We now have links to our Facebook page and our Pinterest page.    Pinterest is particularly fun because it allows you to pin the hairstyles that you are interested in and then you have a quick reference when you're stumped on what to do in the mornings.  Hopefully these with both be helpful links for you!
The hairstyles for today are ones that we have done before but did not have videos for.  We got a request for a 7-Strand Braid from a follower in Brazil and I wasn't sure which particular one was being requested so we made a video for both.  Keep in mind that working with 7 strand is much more difficult because there are less spaces between the fingers to hold everything.  I say "difficult" but not "impossible".  Practice a bit and it will become easy for you.  These videos will hopefully help you and not confuse you more because it is a bit hard to get the perfect angle with my hands and the video camera.  :) 

This one is officially called the "7-Strand Braid" and the original post can be found here.
This braid is a bit easier if you can do it without a full ponytail.  The more hair, the harder it is to hold.  Maybe try it with a half-up style as well!
This shows the braid up close and you can see that it has more of a weave look to it.

This one is called "Lucky Number 7" and the original post can be found here.
You will want to secure all the strand together at the bottom with an elastic. 
Here's a close-up of the weave in the braid.


H&H said...

Believe it or not, after watching the videos for two times, I think I grasped the concept all right (doing it on myself is a different story, though). Thanks a lot for that!! And by the way, I prefer the latter version, because it looks more like a "woven" kind of thing - and yes, I know, the first is actually "woven", but the second looks more like it. Please keep it up, I really, really enjoy your photos and vids!

Anonymous said...

This is so not working if you try to do it on your own... kinda depressing... but cute anyways

Julie said...

don't worry girls - you are so not alone! it took me several tried before it started looking alright. :) Good luck and thanks for the kind words!

Betsy @ Anna Nimmity said...

What a great tutorial! I used it to make a 7-strand braided belt from a t-shirt. I'll have to try this on my daughter's hair next. Thanks for sharing!