Monday, January 9, 2012

Elegant Updo

Here's a hairstyle for you that looks really complex but is actually quite simple.  It may take a couple trial runs to get the feel of braiding sideways but practice makes perfect.
Begin with wet hair and create a small off-centered part at the front of the head.  Comb the rest of the hair straight down. 
Begin on the left side and grab a section of hair right by the ear.  Divide it into 3 equal sections and begin braiding sideways toward the right ear.  You will be adding a section of hair into the far right section of your braid (the top section) every time you plate the braid.  Do not add hair into the bottom section - just the top so that it is a Half-French Braid.  Also be sure to keep your braid somewhat low on the back of the head.  
When you get over to the right ear you will slowly twist your braid  down toward the neck and then have it start heading back toward the left ear. 
This is where you will begin to add in hair to both sides of your braid as you plate it for a full French Braid.  Make sure that you gather up all the remaining hair as you work back toward the left ear.  Tip:  Add the top sections of hair in tightly so that the braid is snug up against that first braid going across the head.  Once you have gathered all of the hair up you will simply finish braiding the hair with a Regular 3-Strand Braid and secure it at the end with an elastic. 
Take that 3-Strand Braid and bend it underneath the French Braid you just created and bobby pin it onto the head.  Be sure to tuck and loose ends up into the braids so they are hidden.  Give it a good spray with some hairspray for hold and then add some cute hairpins to dress it up!
This is an easier version of our Waterfall Updo that we did a while back and take much less time to accomplish.  The steps are not exactly the same but the outcome looks very similar.


Cydnee said...

I would love that waterfall updo for my own hair. Beautiful! With so many girls, I wish I had your talent.

Honeyandhair said...

Oh my god, that's absolutely gorgeous!!! I just LOVE those fancy do's ^_^