Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Triple V

This is a simple hairstyle that takes less than 10 minutes to complete and we always need to have a stash of those hairstyles handy!
We call it the triple V because of the three braids forming the V's on the back of the head.
Begin by creating a small part at the front of the head.  Ours is off-centered a bit but you can place it wherever you like.  Comb the remaining hair down straight.
Start on the right side of the head and section out some hair from the part down to the top of the right ear.  Smooth it out with a comb and then create a Regular 3-Strand Braid that will be long enough to reach to the back of the head.  Have your princess hold that braid while you move over to the left side and repeat the same steps.  Pull those two braids to the back of the head and combine them with an elastic.
Now you will grab a small section of hair directly behind/underneath that previous section and create a braid out of that as well.  Have your princess hold that while you move to the opposite side and repeat the steps.
Join those two braids at the back of the head - along with the ponytail from the previous braids - and secure it all with a new elastic.  Repeat these same steps with one more section of hair from each side of the head to create your 3rd "V".  You can finish off the style by curling the hair as well.


Honeyandhair said...

Simple but super cute! I love it!

Santanu Mondal said...

She is very cute girl with beautiful hair style ....girl hair cutting style name