Monday, January 23, 2012

Jacob's Ladder With Weave

This is a hairstyle that takes a bit more time so it's not a great one if you've only got minutes to spare.
  Begin with wet hair and separate a small area next to the left ear that you will set aside for later.  (This will be the hair that you weave with.)  Now create a horizontal part all the way around the back of the head from the left ear over to the right ear.  It can either be right in the back of the head or it can lay a bit lower on the head - depending on where you want your Jacob's Ladder positioned.  We've done the Jacob's Ladder hairstyle before but I don't think I've ever posted about it so I will give some step by step instructions.  This one is a bit different than we usually do because it is positioned horizontally and we usually do it vertically. 
Start by grabbing a section from the bottom half of your part by using a rat-tailed comb to go from the part down to the bottom of the hair.  (Make sure your sections are not too large because you want to have a nice weave in the end and the more sections you have, the better the weave will look.)  Pull that small section into a ponytail using a clear elastic.  Now move up to the top half of your part and create a  parallel section from the edge of the hairline down to the part.  Before you secure that into an elastic you will want to pull up the top half of your first ponytail and add that in with you top section.  Now secure it into a ponytail and you've created the first rung of your Jacob's Ladder. 
We just finished a rung on the top section so you will now be creating another section on the top.  Pull the complete ponytail from the top in with the new section you just created and secure it with a clear elastic.  Divide that new ponytail in half.  Now create a parallel section on the bottom half and add in the other half from your very first bottom ponytail and half of the last ponytail you created on the top.  Secure it with an elastic and you now have your second rung of the ladder.  Create a new section on the bottom and pull all the hair from your most recent ponytail in with the new section and secure it with and elastic.  Divide that ponytail in half and create a parallel section on the top half. 
 You can see how I've created the top sections here and what our parts looked like.
 Keep moving back and forth from top to bottom with these instructions until all of the hair has been gathered over to the right ear and you've created several rungs to your Jacob's Ladder.
Now go back over to that hair that you section out at the very beginning and divide it into two equal sections.  Make sure it is still nice and wet and start weaving with your top section.  You will be going over and under the rungs in your Jacob's Ladder.  I used a Topsy tail to do this but it is not necessary.  Once you have weaved it all the way through your Ladder you can combine it with the top ponytail on the right side by adding another elastic.  Now go back and do the same thing with your bottom section but make sure to alternate the over and under with what you did using your top section so that it gives the basket effect.  Secure that piece in with the bottom ponytail on the right side. 
You should not have two full ponytails on the right side of the head and you will divide each ponytail into two equal sections and weave them all together to create a Flat 4-Strand Braid.  There are instructions for how to create this braid here.  Add a flower to the bottom of your braid and you're finished!


Unknown said...

Hey. Do you have a video for this hairstyle? I learn new styles best by watching the videos while I do the style on my daughters. I really like this style; it's so pretty and classic! Thanks!

Julie said...

I do not currently have a video on this hairstyle because it would be a VERY long video but I will place it on my list and at least try to get video of the Jacob's Ladder up because that is the tricky part of the style. Thanks for your comment!