Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Barrel Bun With Braids

This is a new twist on an old favorite.  Those of you that have followed us for a while know how much I love Barrel Rolls.  :)  This is simply a Barrel Roll Bun that we've added some braids to.
Begin with wet hair and pull it all back into a tight ponytail.  You can have a small part in the front if you like but it's not necessary.  You can also have your ponytail high or low depending on where you want your bun sitting in the end.
Pull out some small sections of your ponytail - as many as you want - and create some Regular 3-Strand Braids.  Secure each one at the bottom with a small clear elastic.
Set the braids off to the side and create your Barrel Roll Bun using the remaining hair.  You can find an instructional video on how to create a Barrel Roll Bun here.
Once you've finished your bun you can take your individual braids and wrap them through and around your bun in any fashion that you like. 
Use bobby pins to secure your ends in behind the bun.  Spray it with some hair spray and then add a flower in the center to finish it off. 

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