Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Royal Rolls

Here's a really fast hairstyle that is great for church or any other formal venue.  It is not necessary to start with wet hair but it will help the style to hold longer if you do.
Comb all of the hair straight back toward the nape of the neck and smooth it nicely so there are no loose hairs popping up. 
We have added this braided hair accessory that I found at Sally Beauty Supply.  It looks like natural hair and comes in a wide variety of colors to match every hair type.  It's also adjustable with an elastic bottom so that adults can wear it too.  You don't need to have it for this hairstyle to look great but I do like the little extra that it adds without the extra work.  :)   If you do choose to use this or any other type of elastic headband, make sure that it wraps underneath all of the hair next to the neck. 
Now gather all of the hair down at the ape of the neck into an elastic so that you have one large ponytail.  Grab your Topsy Tail and stick the pick part straight down behind the elastic.  Feed your ponytail up through the loop and then pull the hair through to create a Pull-Through. 
Now separate your ponytail into 4-6 even pieces and Barrel Roll them upward into the head.  (If you do not know how to create a Barrel Roll you can see the video here.)  Secure your rolls with bobby pins.  The Pull-Through that you created previously will help give some stability in the hair for those bobby pins to latch onto.
  Spread your Barrel Rolls out around the base of the head to give it a nice look and also to cover your elastic band a bit. 
Once all of your rolls have been created and are secured, you can add some hair accessories.  I've added some little flower hair pins that we made and you can see the video on how to make these here.  I've also added a couple flowers up by the headband.  Give it a good spray with hairspray and it's finished.


LK said...

I love it! It looks so pretty with all the colourful flowers :)

Julie said...


Jill said...

So pretty! I love the addition of the fake hair band. I wouldn't have known it was fake if you hadn't told me.