Wednesday, September 21, 2011

7-Strand Braid

Here's a style that is a very simple pattern but there are so many strands of hair that it can be confusing for your fingers.  Just take it slow and it gets easier with practice!
We started our with a basic ponytail but you can begin with the hair anyway you like.  Make sure the hair you are working with is divided into 7 equal sections.  Start with the farthest right section and weave it through the other section with an "over/under" pattern.  Once that strand is all the way through and on the other side of the hair, grab the strand that is now just to the right of it.  (This is the strand that was previously the farthest left strand.)  Weave that through the hair moving to the right.
  Once that strand is all the way through, grab the strand just to it's left and weave back toward the left side again.  Basically you will be weaving left when you start on the right side and weaving right when you start on the left side.  That may sound confusing as you read it but it's easier once you give it a try.  Continue going back and forth until you get to the end of your hair and then you can secure it with an elastic. 
This is a bit different than the Lucky Number 7 Braid that we've posted before.  You'll see that the steps are just a bit different and that makes the appearance of the braid very different.  Both are very beautiful braids though!

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Tav said...

I have GOT to try that 7 strand braid! Thanks so much for the step by step, it's the coolest looking braid I've ever seen!