Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday's Film: Pull-Through Bun

If you have a princess with long hair and struggle to find the perfect bun, we may have a solution for you. 
This is one that we use all the time and it's called the Pull-Through Bun.  You'll need to have a Topsy Tail and some bobby pins for the hairstyle. 
Begin with any hairstyle you like, or you can just begin with a simple ponytail.  We've got a variation on our Angel Halo hairstyle here and it works great because all of the hair ends up in a side ponytail.  (You can find the video for the Angel Halo here.)
  Once your hair is all combined in an elastic, grab your Topsy Tail and stick it in the hair behind the elastic.  Feed the ponytail through the loop and then pull it halfway through the hair.  You will create your bun by only pulling it halfway through. 
Take the ends of the hair that were pulled through by your Topsy Tail, divide them into two equal sections, and wrap them up around the bun and bobby pin them into place by creating an "X" with two pins.  If the hair is wet you can shape your ends to curl around the bun but if it is dry you can use an iron to achieve the same effect. 
Add a hair clip on top of the bun to conceal the bobby pins. 
Here is a video to help you as well: 

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Anonymous said...

What a cute hairstyle, thanks for sharing! If anyone can't find a Topsy Tail in their local stores, we have them available online at Hair Flair Boutique. You'll find them right on our home page.