Monday, January 30, 2012

Cupid's Heart

We have come up with a new hairstyle that is perfect for Valentines Day.  We call is "Cupid's Heart" and it is VERY easy - don't let the pictures fool you!  :)
Start with wet hair.  It will not hold nearly as well if the hair is not wet.  Create a part directly down the middle of the head so that you now have two equal sections. 
Using a rat-tailed comb you will create half of a heart on the left side of the part.  (We started the inside of our heart about 3.5 inches back from her bang line.)  The half-heart will start and end right on the middle part.  Comb the hair outside of the heart down an have your princess hold the hair that is inside the heart.  Now move over to the right side and create the other half of your heart.  It needs to be a mirror image of the left side so make sure you take your time and really have it look nice.  Make sure that all of the hair outside of the heart is combed down and then tightly smooth out all of the hair inside the hear and combine it right in the middle with an elastic to create one ponytail.  You should be able to see your heart-part really nicely now.  The hair outside of the parts should still be divided into two sides with that original middle part.  Go ahead and divide your ponytail into two equal halves as well, one for each side.  Temporarily tie off the right side (ponytail and hair) with an elastic so that you can work on the left side without that hair getting mixed in. 
Start on the top-middle part of your heart and begin french braiding by gathering three small sections from the hair not inside the heart.  Gather hair into your braid each time you plate. 
The outside will be gathered from the hair that is loose and the inside will be gathered from the ponytail.  Have your braid lie directly on the hear part so that you can keep the shape that you want.  Continue gathering hair all the way down that half of the heart and tie it into a temporary elastic when you finish at the nape of the neck. 
 Move over to the right side and repeat the steps.  When all of the hair is gathered and you are down at the bottom of the head, remove your temporary elastic from the left side and combine both sides together in one final elastic. 
 You can finish off that new ponytail however you like but we have chose to do a Quad Braid here.  (You can find the video for a Quad Braid here.)  Add some fun Valentines hair clips and give it a good spray with hairspray. 
It takes a good 15-20 minutes to complete but the idea is quite simple.  :)   


Joan said...

Crrrrazy! There's no way I'll be able to figure that one out without a video. You sure are creative!!

Anonymous said...

Hee hee! Same here! Video please. I can't wait to try it!

Moriah said...

I agree, Please post a video. I love to do different hair style on my daughter. We always get fun comments on her hair. This style is Amazing!!