Monday, January 16, 2012


I've done a few of these "Ga Ga" bows before  but I wanted to show you one other way to do this. I found that this way seems to hold throughout the day better.
Start with wet hair and pull it all back into a ponytail - or piggies or whatever style you are looking to do.  Now section out about 1/3 of that ponytail from the top to make your bow out of.  Divide that section into two equal parts. 
Start with one of those parts and create one loop of your bow, whatever size you like.  Now take a small clear elastic and secure it over that loop a couple of times to hold the loop in place.  Make sure that your small clear elastic is resting as close to the original ponytail elastic as possible.  Do the same thing with your other part of hair to create the other loop of your bow.  You should now have two loops and two clear elastics resting by your main elastic. 
 Take the hair from your loops that was left over and criss-cross wrap that around the three elastics to hide them.  You will first cross them behind and then criss-cross them over the front. 
 Finish by taking the ends behind the ponytail and then including them with the rest of the hanging hair as you divide it into three equal sections to braid.  By braiding these ends in with the rest of the ponytail it will secure them in without having to use any bobby pins. 
Hopefully this way will help a few of you that struggle with theses hair bows. 


Tav @ Goldilocks*n*Me said...

Great idea to braid that loose hair into the braid. Love it!

Jeri Hawley said...

I've been looking through your site, I love it- then I came to this picture! I wore the same shirt when I was her age! Is Ms. Brenda still teaching?

Julie said...

How funny Jeri! Yes, Miss Brenda is totally still teaching and having so much fun!