Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tied Up and Twisted

Make sure the hair is wet and part the hair from ear to ear.  (You'll be working with just the top half of the head so these directions will apply only to that area of the hair.) 
 Divide the hair into two equal halves and set one half aside. 
 Now make a diagonal part going from the corner of the middle part up to the bang line. 
 Pull out a small section on the lower half of the diagonal.  It will be about 1 inch thick and just above the ear - set that aside for a minute.  Now take the top half of the diagonal part and divide it into two sections and tie them together (It's the same as the first step of tying your shoe.)  Now combine the tied hair with the lower section of the diagonal and secure it with an elastic.
  Now grab that small bit of hair from above the ear and twist it together with the combined diagonal sections. 
Hold it together with a clip while you move to the other side to repeat the steps.
 Make sure your second diagonal part mirrors the original one. 
 Once you've done all the steps on the opposite side, combine the two twists together in the back of the head.  Spray for hold and then add a hair clip. 


Susan Payton said...

Just blogging around this evening. What a pretty bow and such pretty little girl.

Ashby Family said...

Cute and pretty simple, just my kind of style : )

ShaunaJorgenson said...

LOVE this one. Tried it on my daughter and unfortunately her hair is just way to thin. :( Wouldn't stay put.