Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Hairdos: Cemetery

This is another one of those "for fun" hairstyles that is great for a Halloween party or some other festive outing. 
First we found some tombstone coloring images online and my princess colored them for me.  Then we just cut them out, sealed them with some packing tape, trimmed them up to look nice and then glued some bobby pins on. 
 Next I sectioned off her hair into 4 equal sections going horizontally across her head.  I secured each section with an elastic right in the middle.  Now make sure the 4 ponytails are really wet and divide each one into 3 pieces. 
Twist each piece as tightly as you can and let them wrap themselves up and create a "Worm".  Secure the end of the Worm into the hair with a bobby pin.  Do this with every piece from every ponytail until you have lots of little worms. 
My princess called it a "Worm Mohawk". 
Now place your gravestones anywhere you like to give it that hillside cemetery look. 
 My princess made me turn off all the lights in the bathroom and show her what it looked like with a flashlight shining on it like the moon.   
She said it was "Awesome"!  :)

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Kathryn said...

What a fun hairdo. Very creative and original!