Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Hairdos: Minnie Mouse

So let's be honest... this isn't really a "Halloween Hairdo" but I thought I'd post it in case anyone out there is doing Minnie Mouse as a costume.  This is more a hairstyle my princess just wears all the time.  :)  It's also our official "Disneyland Do". 
Grab two bun molds (or rolled socks) because they are a must have for this style.  Part the hair into two halves and pull each half up into a very high ponytail.  
Now pull each ponytail through a bun mold and spread the hair out to cover the entire thing.  Tie an elastic around the mold but leave it just a bit loose. 
Now tilt the mold up so that it is facing the front of the head.  This will pull some hair through the elastic a bit more but that is what you want.  Now secure the bun molds in the upright position with bobby pins.  I use about 6 pins on each mold just because we usually want a nice tight hold. 
Pull the excess hair back behind each mold and twist it so that all the strand are tight.  Now cross them over one another on the back of the head and hold them together with a claw clip on each side.  Tuck any loose ends back behind the twists.  Spray it really good with hairspray and it shouldn't budge.   
This is a bow that I made to mimic Minnie's actual bow and it's just stitched fabric with an alligator clip on each end of the bow to hold it in place.  It would also look cute with a headband and red flower clip. 
Clip your bow right in front of your Minnie ears and she'll look perfect.  
If you don't have any bow that works, you can always leave it out and just go with the Mickey ears.  It's still absolutely darling!  

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