Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Hairdos: The Mummy

This is one of my favorite Halloween Hairdos and I've been waiting to do this one for a while. 
First you will need your bones.  Remember the skeleton garland I told you I got at the dollar store...
Well this is the head, arms, and legs from one of those skeletons.  (I used one of them in "The Coffin".)  So many wonderful uses for these little guys.  :)  I simply hot glued some bobby pins to them so that they could secure into the hairstyle.  Again, this hairstyle needs to have very wet hair to work properly. 
Start with a small Pull-Through in the front just for looks.  Now go ahead and create "The Cast" which I posted a couple weeks ago.  (Please refer to that post if you need step by step instructions.)  Once you've finished "The Cast" go ahead and grab your skeleton parts. 
Stick the skull right up in top and the legs up through the bottom so that only the feet are showing. 
Now grab both arms and add them on each side, about 1/2 inch below the skull. 
 Isn't this mummy awesome?!
  I also think it looks really nice without the arms but you can choose to do it either way.


~ANGEL~ said...

I love this!!! I want to do this for one of my five daughters hair but I cannot find your instructions for the cast. Please send me a link? Thanks so much. Love ur blog!

Unknown said...

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