Saturday, October 9, 2010


We couldn't come up with a good name for this hairstyle but I told her it looks like the sign for Infinity so that became it's name.  (My daughter's favorite part of all of this is making up the names of the hairstyles!) 
I went digging through my princess's old toddler boxes to find some ribbon sculpture clips that I made back in the day.  I don't know why I ever put them away because she can still use them and she was actually quite excited to see them.  (I'll add them into hairstyles once and a while so you can see some of them.)
 This is "Alli" and this whole hairstyle was designed by my princess just for this clip.  :)  She wanted her to have a swimming pool right on her head.
We started with a regular ponytail right in the middle/back of her head.  I separated the ponytail into two halves and made a Corkscrew out of each half. 
Now I pulled each Corkscrew down first, then around by the ear and finally back to the ponytail elastic.  Add a bobby pin here and there as you wrap it to hold it in place. 
Now bobby pin the ends of your Corkscrew under the ponytail elastic and it will give you two rings.  (Do you see how it "sort of" looks like the infinity sign?  I know it's a stretch.)    :) 
  Add whatever clip you like over the elastics and bobby pins to hide them.  We added "Alli" into her very own swimming pool.  :)
*We've used this style for another one of our Halloween Hairdos starting next week so get excited!  My princess and I got a little over-creative with some!  :)*

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