Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Hairdos: Candy Corn

So I'm kicking myself that I didn't get pictures before my daughter went to school today.  These pictures don't do the hairstyle justice because they were taken after a long day of wind, recess and P.E.  It really is such a cute hairstyle and actually has the triangle shape of a Candy Corn - which it no longer has in these pictures.  :(
Start with a section of hair from the top-middle and secure it with a white elastic.  Now divide the rest of the hair in half by creating a part in the middle.  Section out some hair on each side from the ear up to the middle part.  Now divide your first little ponytail into two pieces and give one piece to each half and secure these with white elastics.  (Make sure your elastics are exactly in the middle of each section.)  Divide the right ponytail into two halves and take one half across and add it into the left ponytail with another white elastic.
Section off another area on each side that is about 2 inches below the previous.  Add your two existing ponytail into each new section and secure them with orange elastics slightly farther apart than the previous two white elastics.  Divide the left ponytail into two halves and take one half across and add it to the right ponytail with another orange elastic.  Gather the remaining hair on each side of your middle part - making sure to add in your existing ponytails and secure each side with a yellow elastic.  Remember to have these final two ponytails as spread apart as possible to create that triangle shape.  Now divide the right ponytail into two halves and take one half across and add it into the left ponytail with another yellow elastic.
 Grab some white, orange and yellow ribbon and your plastic yarn needle for the weaving.  Thread your white first and wrap it around the top triangle of the Candy Corn.  Secure your ends into the elastics and thread the needs with your orange ribbon.  Wrap that around the next section of your Candy Corn and secure the ends into the elastics. 
 Finally, thread the yellow ribbon and wrap it around the final part of your Candy Corn.  (My princess's yellow section got really loose by the end of the day so you may want to make extra sure that your elastics are tight and your ribbon is tight.) 
 We've added some little Candy Corn clips to finish it off.


R Clan said...

Oh my goodness. You are nuts. I just hopped on here for the first time and have been scrolling through the styles. Holy Cow Woman! lol My girls would not sit still long enough for most of these. So very very cute!!!!! These are amazing.

Julie said...

ha ha, thanks - seriously, most of our regular do's don't take more than 5 minutes.

Rachel said...

Oh My word!! It totally is the same thing! I guess great minds think alike, huh? I'll post a link to this one on my blog too!

Julie said...

lol Rachel, I know, that was just too funny!

Anonymous said...

Hey I was just wondering - what actually is candy corn?

Julie said...

It's a yummy candy found in stores around Halloween time. :)