Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Hairdos: Kitty Cat

We found these cute little clips at our local craft store and thought they would be fun to incorporate in a hairstyle. 
My princess has really been wanting to try a Faux-Hawk hairstyle so we used it for these clips. 
Start by dividing the hair into 4 parallel sections horizontally across the head.  Gather each section up into it's own ponytail in the very center.  This will give you a row of 4 ponytails. 
Now you're going to wet them down really well and Barrel Roll them.  To Barrel Roll you will comb the ponytail straight up into the air and then wrap the ends around your two index fingers.  Now roll your index fingers over each other down towards the scalp.  This will roll the hair nice and evenly for you.  Secure your Barrel Roll down into the hair with a bobby in on each side creating an "X" inside the roll.
  Do this with your 3 other ponytails as well.  You will end up with a Mohawk look going down the head. 
 Now add your little clips up at the top and you have a kitty cat.
   Or you can also have a devil as well. 
We also have these little kitty cat ears from a while back.  They are just two simple brown pipe cleaners that we've wrapped her hair around.  We started with a small section of hair by each ear and then secured them in the middle of the head with a little barrette.

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