Monday, August 8, 2011

Bedtime Buns & Braids

*Side Note - I'm working on getting a few videos that have been requested uploaded to our blog.  I'm having a bit of trouble with some file conversions so hopefully those will be up soon.  Please be patient with me and thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments!*

Sometimes after my princess takes a bath she will sit and let me play with her hair before she goes to bed.  Here are some fun little ideas we came up with the other night and maybe they will help spark some creativity for you as well.
This one is just a simple combination braid with a few differences.  We began with a side French Fish Bone Braid and then secured that with an elastic.  Next was the 5-Strand Braid and finally the Corkscrew.   I just liked the look of this one because it was more of a side ponytail than my usual combination braids.
This isn't as much a "braid" as it is "weaving".  Gather three equal sections of hair and then a fourth section that is smaller than the rest.  Take that fourth section and weave it in and out of the other three sections.  That fourth section will run out before you get to the bottom of the other section so just secure it with an elastic when it's finished.  We've done this before with ribbon and two sections of hair so this is just another variation. 
Here's a really simple idea that would be really cute with shorter hair as well.  Divide the hair into two large sections to start.  (Keep in mind that we were just playing around so my part here is quite sloppy.)  Braid each of your sections and then secure each braid at the bottom with an elastic.  Now wrap the braids around each other and pull through - just like a Long Knot or tying your shoelaces.  
You can secure it in place with some bobby pins and either tuck the remaining braid underneath or just let them hang down like we've done here.
This one is really easy but has a pretty look.  Slick all of the hair straight back and secure half of it into a low ponytail using an elastic.  Now take the other half of the hair and twist it tightly toward the elastic.  Twist the hair that is in the elastic as well and make sure that you twist it in the same direction as the other piece.  Pull the loose Twist of hair over the top of the elastic and then twist the two twist around themselves to create a bun.
 Secure them in place by wrapping another elastic over the top.  You are left with a nice, tight low bun on the side. 
  This one is one of my favorites.  It's a regular 3-Strand Braid - with a twist.  Separate the hair into 3 equal strands and begin plating them as usual.  After you've done one full plate you will hold the left strand out for a minute while you twist the middle and the right over each other once more.  Now plate as usual once more.  Follow this pattern:  Plate as usual for a normal 3-Strand Braid - Hold out the left while wrapping the other two once more.  Repeat this pattern through the rest of the hair for a fun new braid. 
This is exactly the same as above but you will hold the left side out and wrap the other two strands around themselves TWICE before plating again as usual.  It would be fun to try wrapping it several times before plating as usual and seeing what that braid looks like as well!
Hope you enjoy some of these ideas!


Brooke said...

YAY!!!! You are doing videos! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You have some of the cutest styles out there and I am always wishing I had videos to follow. Lots of cute ideas here, too. I love the bun, but wasnt able to understand the last braid technique you explained. Maybe I am daft, but that one might need a video. :)

Carly said...

Cute ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!