Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Hairdos: The Haunted House & The Trick-or-Treat Bag

Yesterday I told you that I had some more hairstyles using the netting from the "Spider Web" and here they are. 
Pull all the netting up off the head and down into a ponytail.  Now add a couple of ghost clips to create a Haunted House.  (We made our clips out of ribbon but you can just cut some out of white felt and glue them to bobby pins or clips.)  Looking at it now, I should have added a full moon at the top and some bats...  :) 
Another fun look is the 3D Netting Ponytail.  Simply tie all your ends together at the boom of your ponytail and add a couple fun Halloween clips. 
 You can see that it has that 3-Dimensional look to it. 
 You could also place your spider clips on this for a different type of web. 
This is The Trick-or-Treat Bag and this is just a "for fun" style.  Your netting is already in the shape of a bag, so just fill it with some trick-or-treat candy and tie an elastic at the bottom to hold it in. 
 Add a cute little clip to the top to finish it off - we love Mickey at our house! 
My sons loved this style and chased my princess around the house trying to grab her candy...  they live to torment her.  :) 
 Here are a couple of great updos also using this netting and this one is pretty with the curls on top.  The curls were just created from the twist buns off the "Spider Web" style but you could also curl them with an iron. 
Take the candy out of the "Trick-or-Treat Bag" and also take out your clip.  Now lift the bottom elastic up into the air and push it down into the middle of the netting until it meets the elastic from the original ponytail.
  Attach the two elastics together with a claw clip (which will be hidden under the curls) or bobby pins. 
Let the curls fall loosely on top and your Netting Updo is complete. 
The last Updo is very simple. 
Have your 3D Netting Ponytail hanging down and simply pull the bottom elastic up to the original ponytail elastic (making sure to go underneath all the netting) and tie them together with a festive ribbon. 
Have the bow tied down at the bottom instead of the top.
 Let the curls fall down below the bow and she's set to go.  
Now see all the fun styles you can create out of the one?! 
 Have fun! 


cata said...

Omg!!! This is ssoooooooooooooooo cute, my oldest girl has hair down to her bottom this will look soo cute on her.
Thanks you are soo creative!!!

Julie said...

Thanks Cata! It will look beautiful on her!

Randi said...

I LOVE THESE! I am totally doing this with my girls. I wonder what it would look like with some fun ribbons wound through. Thanks!

Stacy said...

Your hair accessories are AMAZING. Do you sell them?

Julie said...

Thanks Stacy! I actually don't sell them, mainly because I ususally only have time to make one and then the kids will need me. I'm going to post pics of all the Halloween hair accessories in a couple days so that people can copy any ideas they like! I never make anything too difficult so most of them are pretty easy.