Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Hairdos: The Coffin

I would suggest that you use this hairstyle on a day off from school because I think it would cause quite the distraction in the classroom!  :) 
I found a group of these skeletons on a garland at the store.  I bought them to use as a decoration in the house but have ended up using them for hairstyles instead.  I simply cut them off of the garland and they were ready to go.
 Start by parting the hair from ear to ear and then dividing that top portion into 4 equal areas.  Secure each area with an elastic and then create a Pull-Through. 
 Now take the ponytail from the middle-left section and divide it in half.  Take the right half of the ponytail and pull it over to the middle-right section and add it in by securing it with an elastic.  Take the other half of the middle-left section and add it to the far-left section about 1/4 inch down.  Go back to the middle-right section and divide that into half. (You will only use one half of this and the other half will just fall straight down.)  Grab the right half and add it to the far-right section about 1/4 inch down.  Now comb the rest of the hair down to the neck and make two tight ponytails - making sure that right section from above has been added into the right ponytail and the left section into the left ponytail. 
 Grab your plastic yarn needle again and plenty of black ribbon to outline your coffin.  Thread the needle by folding some dental floss through the eye, placing the ribbon in the dental floss and then pulling the floss with the ribbon back through the eye. Now simply weave around the entire outline of the coffin. 
 I've also left some extra ribbon on each end and wrapped it around the bottom elastics. I then braided the ponytails and included the ribbon in the braids.
Grab your skeleton and get ready to attach it. We've wrapped some dental floss around the neck and tied it to the top two elastics.  We've also glued some bobby pins to the back of the legs and pinned those right to the hair.  I'm sure there are several ways to attach this guy but this way seemed to hold quite well. 
We added some cute little bows to the ends of the braids so that the whole hairstyle wasn't completely grotesque - but then again, that's what Halloween is all about right?!

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