Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just Four Fun

Start by sectioning off a group of hair from ear to ear and then divide that into 5 individual sections - having one right in the middle of the head. 
 Now secure each section into a little elastic and create a Pull-Through.
  Create another section running horizontally just parallel to the first.  Now divide that into 4 individual sections.  (Those 4 sections need to be off-centered from the original 5 sections creating a "brick" look.) 
Now divide the Pull-Throughs from the original sections into two halves and combine them into the four sections behind and secure each section with an elastic. 
Pull the front sections right next to the ears back without separating into half. Now make those four sections into Pull-Throughs at well. 
You will be left with 4 ponytails that you will combine into a woven 4-Strand Braid.  This is done by taking the far left strand of the braid and going under and over the adjacent strands until it reaches the other side and then continuing the same pattern with the new left side strand.   
When you get to the bottom you can combine the braid with the rest of the hair and secure it with an elastic.  Add a hair accessory and you're all finished!


Unknown said...

wow I am SOOOO glag I found your website!!! I'm 12 and I do my own hair and lately its been hard to find fast hairstyles that are cool. You are a hair genious! I absolutley love every post! Thanks!

Julie said...

I'm glad you found us too!