Wednesday, November 3, 2010

8-Strand Braid

So if you're totally intimidated by the name, there's no need to be.  It's actually pretty simple. 
Begin by pulling all of hair back into a tight ponytail.
 Divide that ponytail into 2 equal halves and make a Quad Braid out of each half.    If you don't know how to do a Quad you can go here. 
Tie the bottoms of your braids off with elastics to hold them together. 
Now twist to two Quads together.  Connect them together at the bottom with one final elastic and then you can take out the previous two elastics if you like.  Pretty simple huh! 
Also, I was finally able to get a link to a video onto our beautiful "Challah Braid" post which you can find here. 

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