Sunday, November 14, 2010

Picture Day Do

I'm not sure why my princess had her school pictures so late this year but the time finally rolled around and this is the hairstyle we chose.  (Even though I didn't even order any because I do my own pictures- but we will get a yearbook at the end of the year and her shot will be in there.)
Begin by sectioning out the bangs from ear to ear and separate them (a little off-centered) into two pieces.  Use some product to keep the fly-aways down and pull the two sides tightly down to the back of the head - underneath the rest of the hair - where you will secure them together with an elastic.
Now gather another larger section of hair from ear to ear. 
 Before you secure it, you'll want to back comb the underneath a bit and then smooth out the top to give it some lift. 
Now go ahead and secure it up with 6-8 bobby pins.  Make sure they're all making the "X" shape so they won't lose their grip through the day. 
Now we grabbed out waver and waved the rest of her hair.  We own both the old fashion 80's Conair waver with the curved plates and the three-barrel iron waver.  The 80's one works SO MUCH BETTER!  Unfortunately their kind of hard to find now but keep your eyes peeled on Ebay or at yard sales.  :)
We finished it all off by inserting her jewel spiral accessories that just twist right into the hair.  We've made our own several times using the spiral paperclips found at scrapbooking stores but we actually purchased these ones at Walmart last week and absolutely love them.

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