Saturday, November 6, 2010

Piggie Pull-Throughs

Here's another really simple one that I saw on the back o four Topsy Tail box.
Simply divide the hair right down the middle so you have two sides. 
Create a low piggie on each side. 
Now, using your Topsy Tail, create a Pull-Through with each piggie. 
We just finished it off with a headband on top to fancy it up a bit.
I love using these little headbands with things because you can clip and flowers on that you like.  You can find instructions for these headbands here.


Randi said...

I like to do this with my girls hair, but I divide each half into thirds and do the pull through on each one. Sometimes I'll braid the section between each pull through also. So it's divide in piggies, seperate each side of the piggies into thirds, pony, pull through, braid the tail, pony, pull through, braid the tail, etc. I always get lots of compliments on that one. You are so lucky that your daughter stands so nicely while you do her hair, two of mine are lucky to get a straight pony tail sometimes :)

Julie said...

Ooh Randi that sounds beautiful! How creative!