Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Angel Halo

This hairstyle will work out best if you start with completely wet hair. 
Make a small 1 inch part slightly off-center in the front of the hair.  This is where you're going to begin your French Twist. 
 Grab a small bit of hair from right next to the part and divide it into two small pieces.  Pull the outside piece up over the inside piece - make sure you always repeat this pattern throughout the entire hairstyle.  Now add a little bit of hair to each little piece and repeat the twist, outside piece up over the inside piece.  Add some more hair to each strand and repeat.
  Continue doing this all the way around the head.  It does take some practice to get it to stay nice and tight so don't get frustrated if it's not perfect right in the beginning.  Keep your comb handy too because you will need to comb out your two pieces that you're working with often just to make sure they don't get lumps in them. 
 When you've gathered all the hair and your twist is almost the whole way around the head, tie it off with an elastic.
  Now grab another elastic and create a Messy bun on the side.  Add your favorite clip in the hair and you're all set!


Nikki said...

Call me an idiot. I have tried and tried to do this. Can I request another video?

Julie said...

Nikki- I'm goign to work on getting a video up but until then you can check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOlmRc5Uk68 She does the same typ of twist but just make sure yours is tighter and that it continues on aroudn the head. Hopefully that will help!